3 Important Steps for Sleeping Well

How many times have you lied in bed only to find you roll around and cannot fall asleep? Sleeplessness happens to most of us during our lifetime. Your bed feels uncomfortable, your pillows need fluffing, and eventually, you need to get up to drink water.

The truth is everything you do before going to bed has an impact on your sleep. Luckily, there are practical ways tested here to improve your sleeping habits. Find out what essential steps there are for you to get the best sleep ever.

Feel Refreshed Before Going to Bed

The first and most crucial step starts in the bathroom. The kids are in bed it is time for you to relax and unwind in a long bath. Set the right mood with the Sleep Well Travel Therapy Candle set up in the bathroom and room. The candles from Scentered smell refreshing and will set the right atmosphere to help you unwind and relax. The natural wax and combination of essential oils give a clean burn. The smell of the lavender, chamomile, Ho Wood and Palmarosa fills the air with a soothing fragrance.

It does not stop here, it is time to get your mouth feeling refreshed as well. For the best clean, you can use the Finger Toothbrush from Melolabs. The invention is something you have never seen before. The toothbrush fits on your finger as a sleeve for you to clean your teeth and gums. This is the most sustainable tooth brush ever. You don’t even need water to use it so it helps reduce the use of plastic and water conservation. Although I do like to give it a bit of a rinse. The toothbrush is excellent to take with you on travels when stopping over at different airports. Now it is time to head out to the bedroom.

Refresh and Revitalise the Skin

You have pampered your body with refreshing water and moisturised your body. Have you taken care of your skin? Here are two products to help revitalise your facial features the Vichy Slow Age Night Cream & Mask and the Samaya Vata Anti-Ageing Cream. Both of the facial creams have worked well for me.

Samaya Vata is an anti ageing cream and its very moisturising. It smells so lovely just like real roses. The smell of roses is very nostalgic for me. As you go on to the Samaya website, you fill out some simple details and the website helps you find out your skin type. Keeping your skin type in mind, it gives you the best product suggestion for your skin type. For me its Vata and I am very happy with it. The cream helps with fine lines and gives you a refreshed feeling once you get into bed.

If you want to use something more subtle then I recommend using something, like Sanoflore. This skin care lotion is easy to use in the spray bottle and has a lavender smell. The stunning thing is it does not leave your skin dry.

Ohh yes and before I forget if you do suffer from insomnia the following food supplements helps to improve natural sleep. The Hello Day Sleep Rest capsules made from organic ingredients and you need to take one day.

Time to Get Into Bed

Get comfortable and make sure your pillows fluffed now take any of your preferred Spritzwellness purify atmosphere mist to clear the air. Keep a bottle in the bathroom to spritz in the air. With the unique blend of fragrances, you will find the air refreshed, and your mood changed after a long day of work. They have a product best suited to each person’s needs from Yoga Mat Spray, Bump Blend Pregnancy Atmosphere Mist, and Sleep Atmosphere Mist to Revival Atmosphere Mist.

Now back to bed before you switch off the lights the next product from Scentered is a Sleep Well Therapy Balm. Apply it to your pulse points and inhale. It helps to clear and quieten your mind and comprise of fourteen essential oils to make your sleep better.

Turn off the lights and let the Sandman take over – you will be surprised how relaxed you will feel after following these simple steps.

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