How To Battle Blues With Beauty This Autumn

Sorry ladies, but it’s time to face facts. Summer had a decent enough run, but it’s gone and the balmy summer evenings spent wandering the streets in the ultra bright, super cheerful colours of the summer are very much over. The skies are turning from blue to grey, the leaves from green to brown and shivers, drizzle and gloom are the order of the day. When we get up to a pitch black morning and we feel drowsy, leaden and groggy it’s tempting to hide behind a wall of warm clothing and get through the day with as little fuss as possible so that you can throw yourself back into bed, load up with carbs and hibernate until spring rolls around.


Seasonal Affective Disorder- the struggle is real!


The good news is that the fatigue and lack of motivation you’ve likely been experiencing with the onset of Autumn isn’t because you’re inherently lazy, it’s a symptom of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Many of us are negatively affected by the weather taking a turn for the worse and this can lead us to depression, lethargy and a fundamental lack of joie de vivre. But don’t worry. You can get through this by unleashing the gorgeous you that’s struggling to get out.


Get active


You may not see the point in staying in shape since bikini season is well and truly over and the season of gluttony and boozy Christmas parties is just around the corner, but Autumn is actually the perfect time to get fit and active. Sure, it may be hard to stay motivated in the drizzly weather but trust me it’ll be even harder in the new year when you make your inevitable resolutions. Treat yourself to some new gym wear, trainers or even sports lingerie, yes that’s a thing- check it out. The combination of the endorphin spike provided by exercise and the healthy athletic body you’re keeping under your winter coat will have you glowing with confidence long into the winter.


Eat yourself happy


While everyone else is loading up on sugary, fatty, starchy convenience foods, they’ll simply be feeding their seasonal slump. Make sure that you’re loading up on the nutrients that will not only keep you looking great but facilitate positive brain chemistry. Avocados are great for balancing hormones while almonds are a known serotonin booster. Strawberries are vitamin rich and just taste like summer while sesame seeds are proven to increase your brain’s production of dopamine.


Get glowing


Nothing makes you feel gorgeous like healthy looking glowing skin. While keeping fit and active will help you out here, the cold weather will not so it’s important to keep your skin winter ready. Make sure that your skin is well hydrated and that you’re protecting it from extremes of heat and cold as much as possible. Your skin care regime should be made up of products that use natural, plant based oils in their formula. Petroleum based oils used in cheap generic cosmetics can prevent your skin from breathing, which can potentially cause inflammation, redness and spots.  Be sure to moisturise twice a day and apply a replenishing mask once a week and you’ll step out every day with a gorgeous glow which will light up the autumn days.


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