Dilwale (2015): What I Think About It

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Today I watched Dilwale (2015) first day first show and before I explain what I thought about the film I would like to tell you that I live on an island in the south of England called the Isle of Wight. It is a beautiful island but has very little South East Asian community which means, if you see an asian person in the town centre you will most likely find yourself staring at him/her and vice versa because it is quite rare to run into someone who looks some what like you.

Bollywood movies are similarly a rare sight on the island. The last bollywood movie played here was PK, therefore, you can imagine, when bollywood comes to the island, what kind of emotional sentiments we most probably go through. Trust me, its an overwhelmingly elating feeling.

Going to the cinema to watch a bollywood means, you will most probably run into your doctor, sitting behind you (as it happened to me today). The only Pakistani family we know turned up and so did my husbands indian colleagues and their families, also a bunch of Bengali women, unplanned and unannounced, but it was something like a party scene.

Anyway I have managed to put my emotions aside now to concentrate on the film review.


Story and Acting:

Dilwale revolves around 4 main characters: Raj (Shahrukh Khan), Meera (Kajol), Veer (Varun Dhawan) and Ishita (Kriti Sanon). I don’t want to give you any spoilers so I will not dwell that much into the story, apart from the fact that it is a typical story of romance and comedy with certain twists and turns. Raj and Veer are brothers who love each other. Veer loves Ishita and Raj loves Meera, and its not as simple as it sounds. Find it out for yourself.

Speaking of Kajol’s acting, it wasn’t as powerful as I would have liked it to be. Although I must admit, I want to know who Kajol’s stylist is because he/she did an amazing job at styling her. Shahrukh Khan’s acting also did not have enough margin to perform. Varun Dhahwan is actually quite awesome at doing comedy and should do more comedy roles. I think Kriti Sanon needed more room for acting for me to comment on what I really thought about it. But overall it was a good movie to watch.

dilwale shahrukh-khan-and-kajol-in-gerua-song

Things I Loved About The Movie:

As I said, Kajol’s styling and makeup. The clothes she wore were just to die for.

The locations in the song Gerua were breathtakingly beautiful (Iceland next stop for traveling!). I just loved the way it has been shot and choreographed. The cinematography is also quite amazing.

Another rare thing I loved about the movie were the vintage and classic cars used in the film.

Last but not the least, seeing Shahrukh and Kajol pairing up together brought back so many memories! I love them together!

Comedy Scenes were just amazing. They kept the audience engaged.

It is a complete family movie.

dilwale 2

Some Stupidities In The Film You Probably Won’t Notice But Should:

One scene was complete copy of a How I Met Your Mother ‘5 minutes dating’ scene.

Some Bulgarian guys are shown harassing Kajol who spoke perfect American English. How?

Kajol wore the same shoes she wore in the ’15 years ago’ scenes. She must have loved them too much.

There were so many car stunt scenes and the whole time I was wondering, where is the Bulgarian Police and why isn’t an ambulance arriving? Such bollywood scenes have no reality in Europe.

Kajol and Shahrukh Khan have been shown to fall in love too quickly, too deeply and inseparably. It doesn’t really make any realistic sense.

dilwale 3


The songs overall all are average. My favourite ones are Gerua and Alvida.

dilwale 1

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