A Fitness Filled Day With Reebok & Very.co.uk

Staying fit is very important for the human body. Exercise helps us stay active and maintain a good stamina. Many people try different ways to stay fit. What may work for you might not work for others. Lots of people simply like heading to the gym after work. Some like running in the park or in the city. Some like to have an intense workout. I personally love Yoga.

London is a very buzzing city hence everyday is full of events. One such event was hosted by Be Fit London at the Business Design Centre.

I was invited by Very.co.uk, sponsored by Reebok.

It was a very informative event in regards to fitness. It created a lot of awareness of eating and drinking healthy.

Reebok held its fitness classes at the Be Fit London event. Binky Felstead and her personal trainer were invited to speak about fitness during pregnancy.

I also received an amazing goody bag from Reebok. It consisted of their latest fitness clothes and trainers.


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