Flora Mare Skincare Review

April Whitlow


About Flora Mare:

Flora Mare is a German brand created by writer and beauty expert, Axel Ruth and scientist Dr Briand.  They use sea plant life ingredients and also use some of their proceeds to help preserve the ocean and maritime regions by supporting Ocean Care.

Flora Mare Ocean Elixir 30ml-

I was really surprised at the milky look and feel of this elixir.  The packaging on this item is brilliant as it feels solid and well-made and uses a dropper applicator so you can be sure to get just the right amount per use.  It has a rich almost super-food like formulation including minerals and trace elements of calcium, magnesium, zing and manganese.  Compared to other serums and elixirs this one felt really light and less oily.

Flora Mare Brightening Moment 20ml-

This product was also a surprising first impression. I hadn’t expected it to be tinted.  It moisturises like an eye cream but also has a nude tint that helps conceal darkness even as it treats the underlying issues.  To use you apply a small dot under you eyes and gently pat it with your finger to distribute. I love that it is perfume free. When other items have slight perfume, it doesn’t feel necessary to have a scent in everything.

Flora Mare Handcream 150ml-

This product went straight into my handbag and i’ve been using it every day.  I’m usually indoors in harsh air-conditioning so the extra moisture on the go is amazing.  It has an extremely delicate sea scent which I appreciate as I don’t like anything that’s too overpowering, especially if I’m applying it in a public place like work or the train.  You only need a small amount and this is such a sizeable bottle that I’m sure I will be using it for a long time.

Flora Mare Day and Night Cream 30ml-

The Day and Night Cream is super light and fluffy.  I used it both in the morning and at night to try out its multi-use claim.  It is light enough that it soaks into your skin before makeup application yet also is moisturising enough to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and plump in the morning when you’ve used it at night.  According to Flora Mare it reduces fine lines and wrinkles by nearly 54%.  This product is packed full of goodness with five marine plant ingredients (such as sea chamomile helps sooth the skin and reduce age spots and redness) , the Flora Mare’s own complex and six premium plant oils lipids from argan, aster maritina, avocado, apricot kernel, almond and olive.

Overall I have a great impression of this brand. It is effective and affordable while also having a socially conscious edge.  It is a win for me and I will continue to use the products.

Flora Mare products Can Be Purchased Right Here At QVC

All products are PR samples

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