GlossyBox July 2017 Review

The July 2017 GlossyBox came in such a pretty coloured box. Its a nice peachy orange colour. It says ‘Hello Summer’ to greet the summers.

GlossyBox this month features some great products for the summers.

  • Bellapierre Cosmetics Banana Setting Powder
  • Spectrum Collection Small Fan Brush
  • Monu Professional Skincare Monuspa Soothing After Sun lotion
  • Cutebalms Macaroon Tint Balm in Crushed Berry
  • Papanga Spiral Hairbands


Bellapierre Cosmetics Banana Setting Powder:

Banana powder is a huge thing among makeup artists and I’ve heard great things about it. Although it never used to be very accessible before but now its included in the July GlossyBox and their website. Its yellow powder used to set foundation. All you have to do it apply it all over your ace and let it bake / sit for 10 minutes. Using a fan brush carefully remove the powder. You will notice it has automatically colour corrected your skin against any redness or blemishes. For medium or olive skin tones like mine, it creates beautiful highlights but does not rally colour correct.

Spectrum Collection Small Fan Brush

This brush is best used for removing any access powder or eye shadows on your skin. You can use it to remove the banana powder you allowed to bake for 10 minutes. Spectrum is another brand that has a big name and a great reputation.

Monu Professional Skincare: MONUspa Soothing After Sun lotion

If you love sitting in the sun then this lotion is great of you. It helps hydrate and soothe your skin thats been exposed to sun. It has aloevera, vitamin E and shea butter in it. We all know how great shea butter is to keep your skin and even hair hydrated.

Cutebalms Macaroon Tint Balm in Crushed Berry

And here’s another something to keep your lips hydrated. Summers are all about staying hydrated. It comes in a very cute macaroon shaped packaging. It as a nice pink tint and smells like berries. You can carry it in your hand bag all the time.

Papanga Spiral Hairbands

Another thing for summers are these super cute hair bands. The best thing about these is that they don’t get stuck in your hair like elastic bands, keeping breakage and split ends to the minimum.

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All products are PR samples

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