Herbalife SKIN Care Review

By April Whitlow


Herbalife, though known around the world for nutritional products, now have introduced a skincare range called SKIN. I love that it has no added parabens and is free from sulphates. The less synthetics, the better, and the vitamins and botanicals can really get to work on enriching the skin.

The full line has 10 new products, but this time I tried out the Polishing Citrus Cleanser, Hydrating Eye Cream, Daily Moisture Glow and Replenishing Night Cream. All of the products have a powerhouse blend of vitamin B, antioxidant vitamins C & E and aloe vera alongside other ingredients to help boost the skin’s health.

The Polishing Citrus Cleanser had a vibrant and juicy orange and grapefruit scent from these oil ingredients. It is also made with apple-derived cleansing ingredients and jojoba esters as an emulsifier for a satisfying foam. Tiny microbeads and gel formula really got to work on scrubbing my skin clean. My skin felt refreshed and bouncy after use. It is great for normal to oily skin as it reduces the skin’s sebum, which can cause acne if your body produces too much much.

The Hydrating Eye Cream is infused with macadamia nut oil and cucumber extract. I loved the addition of cucumber which reminded me of the old beauty trick of placing cucumber slices on your eyes. It increases the skin’s moisture which minimises fine lines and wrinkles. The cream was light and airy and didn’t feel heavy on this delicate area of skin.

The Daily Glow Moisturiser is filled with oils like sunflower seed, spilanthes, and sesame seed, with illuminating properties that give your face a healthy glow. My skin felt soft and smooth. The light-weight moisturizer made my face feel radiant even on my no-makeup days.

The Replenishing Night Cream was one of my favourites as my skin drank up the core ingredients and sesame seed oil overnight and really felt moisturized and soft when I woke up.

The SKIN products are meant to show results in 7 days and I can attest that my skin feels bouncier and less blemished, and my under-eye darkness is also reduced. This is a great set to mix and match to suit your skin’s needs.

Herbalife SKIN products can be purchased right HERE

This product is a PR sample

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