How To Become Stress-Free With Mindfulness & Exercise

Fitness and exercise should be an integral part of your life. It keeps you healthy, fit and brings a balance to your stamina and tolerance.

Keeping Fit

Over a month ago, I started taking Full Body Workout classes at Repose Studio, Buckhurst Hill. Its not just a normal exercise but it actually invloves working out on power plates, “The Power Plate works by giving you a high-speed workout using multi-directional vibrations to contract and relax your muscles. The vibrations cause your body to work harder to maintain stability, thereby making even standing still on the machine a workout”. We all have our own agenda when we want to exercise. Some of want to lose weight, my of us want to tone our bodies and some of us simply want to build up our stamina. I have really enjoyed myself since I joined Repose Studio. Usually when you exercise after a long time, you feel aches and pains but with power plates, I felt minimum pain that did not hinder my day to day activities.


When we talk about fitness we also automatically talk about fitness clothing. Over the years, experts have developed ladies gym leggings exclusively for exercising. Clothes that are more comfortable and breathable are absolutely essential for working out. Make sure you choose whats best for you. Wearing the right size is very important when you choose your gym wear.


The biggest thing I struggle with is not having an arch so i have to wear trainers with an arch support. Although its hard to find the perfect ones but I have seen that Clarks do the best arch support trainers in my experience.


Mindfulness is another thing that can help you control stress and anxiety. Its all about positivity. Keep a positive attitude towards your life. I keep myself mindful by trying to avoid things and people that bring negativity to my life. There are many Apps out there that can help you do breathing exercises that really help maintain your concentration span.  I also do Yoga from time to time. I feel stretching exercising can help you get rid of many kinds aches and pains if not all. Also don’t forget to consider swimming as a full body exercise.

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  • Lately, there are a lot of things that stress me out and I thought of doing some exercise and freeing my mind. Anyways, thank you so much for sharing this article because this is just what I needed. Cheers!

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