How to Organise a Hen Party

Everyone seems to forget how important a bridesmaid is at a wedding. She is the one that listens to the bride rant at her, see how she cries and gets excited. All the planning can be stressful. Are you a bridesmaid?

We know how you feel and what is on your mind. You may be wondering how to organise a hen party. We are here to help. The truth is you want the social gathering to be the best party ever. Are you stuck and not sure what to do? Follow the steps set out here for you.

Speak to the Bride:

You need to plan your BFFs hen party, and the first step is to talk to her. You want the celebration to be a surprise, but want an idea of what she is expecting. You can ask her a couple of questions to help you plan a fantastic social affair.

  1. Would you prefer a party with friends abroad or prefer one at home? With this in mind, it gives you an idea of what the bride prefers without spoiling the fun.
  2. Find out what she likes to do for fun, as she may not be an adrenaline person and prefer something more relaxed.  
  3. Find out if she has a particular place, she would like to visit.
  4. Does she want to spend a night or two away from home as this determines the budget you need?
  5. Find out what is essential, as it is her special night in being single for the last time.

With all the information gathered it is time to discuss the budget available with the other hens.

Create the Invite List

Work together with the bride and discuss whom she would like to have at the hen party with her. Discuss the dates with her to find out when she is free. Once you have the dates, you can discuss it with the hens to see if they are available. You can finalise a time that suits all the hens to start organising the hen party. Set up a group chat to keep all the hens informed of the progress via Facebook, Whatsapp and more.

Decide on a Location

Now that you have an idea of how many will be attending the hen party it is time to find a location. If the bride prefers to keep her social gathering local, you can opt-in using a hen party house.

Time to Plan the Activities

The locations set and it is time to start planning the activities. Consult your guest list and find out if anyone has limitations such as pregnancy and more. The beautiful thing is if you do have friends with constraints and uncertain what to do. You can visit Party Houses and plan a one in a lifetime experience for the whole group to enjoy.

Final Details

Once the date is set, and you have the budget in place – it is time to convey to the group. As everyone agrees to the date and time, you need to confirm the booking and collect the money before the deadline. Make sure to find out if you need to arrange transport or if the hens are going to get there by themselves. Now that the final details taken care make sure to inform the hens of the date, location, time, and more a week before the time. Last, on the list sit back and have FUN!


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