IZ Beauty Nail Lacquer Review

April Whitlow


IZ Beauty of London is a British nail brand created by beauty expert, Izabelle Hammon. They have a range of gel effect nail laquers designed for a gel-like shine and smooth application.

The lacquers have a patented plasticiser to reduce the risk of chipping. You don’t even need a top-coat but I also paired all of mine with the gel glossed coat for an extra special shine.

I tried out the festival-perfect Peekaboo shade first. It’s a gorgeous peachy pink that would go well with any flower crown and fringed outfit. I used two coats to ensure full coverage and the lacquer easily smoothed out for an even finish and coverage.

Next I systematically trialled each of the shades of their new floral inspired collection, Blooming Beautiful. These are all perfect for spring with their flora names and hues. There are four in this collection: Wild Sage, Forget Me Not, Wisteria Lane and Lily Romance.

Like Peekaboo, each of these required only 2 coats for best coverage. The nails were smooth, opaque and really looked like gel.

My Thoughts

I was most impressed by the durability. Working with my hands a lot, I usually find my manicures go bad within the first couple hours, but these lasted for several days until I eventually had a fight with a zipper or similar nail accidents. Even if I chipped one, I could easily remove the polish and repaint that individual nail without messing up the overall look.

Speaking of removal, it was quick and easy to take off the polish with a single cotton round per hand and my usual removal liquid. The polish did not stain or damage my nails and they felt quite healthy even after experimenting with so many colours.

IZ Beauty also makes the DECO iT Designer Nail Decals and Designer Nail Wraps. I had access to the Monochrome and Hippie Summer sets of decals as well as the Neon Rose Wraps.

You can apply the decals singularly or layer for a customised look and then seal them in with the clear topcoat.

For the wrap, you can apply to the naked nail or seal between gel layers for an even longer-lasting look.

The wraps are the most tricky to apply and may take a bit of experimentation to get right, but once you do you can accomplish delicate designs with a single layer.

How to apply the Nail Wraps:

  • Push back cuticles
  • Apply base coat on clean, dry oil-free nails
  • Hold sheet over the nail to select the size
  • Cut to correct width if needed
  • Position and support wrap at cuticle
  • Cover free edge of the nail
  • Smooth out all air bubbles and creases
  • Gently file off excess in a downward motion

IZ Nail Polishes Can Be Purchased Right Here

All products are PR Samples

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