Wood Watch Review: The Jord Fieldcrest

Have you ever seen a wood watch? NO? Now you will, I recently had the honours of receiving a stunning yet, but crazy and beautiful Jord Fieldcrest Wood Watch in a Maple colour.

It gives you that sensational feeling of being outdoors with the sun shining brightly while the smell of the wood is superb taking you straight back to nature. If you’re following me on Periscope you may have seen me unboxing the wood watch live while having my breakfast, if not you can still watch it HERE.

With us living in a world of watches that are made of interesting materials like platinum, titanium, and carbon fibre – here comes Jord and blows your mind away with their creations made of wood…WOOD! Yes, their watches all feature wood watches, cases, and bracelets.

Among the Fieldcrest Wood Watches, you can choose from three warm colours in Zebrawood & Maple, Dark Sandalwood, and Maple (the one I received.) The watch is small and they do have a wide range of sizes to choose with different shapes and the mentioned finishes. The Fieldcrest has a simple design with a light wood dial that features a 12-hour time with three standard hands. Jord have advised that Japanese Miyota quartz movement power the watch itself (impressive).

The watch is light in weight, easy to wear and it feels like I was wearing nothing compared to my other watches. I have worn it with different clothing designs and fit in with most of my accessories and the best of all it is very comfortable.

The Jord Fieldcrest Wood watch has its own distinctive look and style. The bracelets, wooden and has its own matchless detail and was wondering if it would change shade as it ages (but a story for next time.) It is most definitely different to other classic watches.

This watch will make an outstanding gift this festive season or right throughout the year and available at a superb price with FREE delivery Worldwide. Get your own Jord Fieldcrest watch and see how it shouts out to the world ‘look at me!’.

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