KNOW Cosmetics Review

Now and then, you need to have some beauty tricks up your sleeve. KNOW Cosmetics provides you with some fantastic beautifying magical delights for you to try. Here we have four products that will help you stand out even more.

A Secret Lip Liner

The No Bleeding Lips is a lifesaver when you need it the most. What this lip liner does is prevent your lipstick and lip gloss from bleeding & feathering. The lip liner creates a sheer defined lip shape and fits in with your favourite colour of lipstick. The lip liner glides effortlessly over your lips with a twist of the pencil. Using the lip liner is easy by outlining your lips and apply your lip-gloss. The product is waterproof and lasts long.

A Multipurpose Under Eye Concealer

If you want to conceal your imperfections under the eye, try the No Dark Shadow Complexion Enhancer. The product is available in two shades one with a rosy tone and the other a yellow tone. Once you apply it on the skin under the eye, it will look as if it has woken up refreshed. There is no oiliness, and it is waterproof with a long-lasting effect up to six hours. You can use the application by itself or over/under your foundation.

Beautify Your Brows

Do you need a solution to your titivate problem KNOW Cosmetics has one? The No Bare Brows Universal 4-in-1 brow fix has a unique design. At the one end, you have the colour, and at the other end, it has taming wax. The cap has a sharpener built-in with a brush. The pencil glides over the brow with a great colour while the taming wax keeps your brows in place.

Plump Your Lips Beautifully

With No Thin Lips, you can plump your lips up naturally. Your lips will look fuller, is moisturised and keeps it hydrated all day. The lip plumper is colourless and has Aloe oil and vitamin E in it. The great thing is you can apply it as often as you want for a kissable look. The products easy to use and works the same as using lip gloss.

If you want to look stunning all day, the items will help you achieve this.

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