L’Aveu Cosmetics: Facial Exfoliating Gel Review and Unlimited Discount Code

You can purchase L’Aveu Facial Exfoliating Gel from Vanity Planet for $99.99 and they are offering 50% discount plus FREE SHIPPING (within US) if you use Coupon Code K4FACE3 .

Hello lovely people! The weather is beginning to get warmer and I’m so happy that summers on the way!

With the mention of summers, I am instantly reminded that I have to take care of my skin for which exfoliation is very important. A week ago I received my order of L’Aveu Facial Exfoliating Gel and have used it twice. I must say I am very impressed with the results. This is basically a gel that you apply to your skin in circular motion and after sometime the gel starts attaching dead skin to itself, leaving your skin clean and soft. I not only felt difference after using it butĀ  when I woke up the next morning I found that my complexion looked lighter and the skin looked cleaner. I can also recomend this for removing makeup. I have an oily skin and it completely balanced it out, not for the moment but for good 24 hours. I can believe that this can also balance out dry and combination skin types.

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L’Avue Facial Exfoliating GelĀ  is made of minerals from the Dead Sea with plant extracts and essential oils.


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