Ministry Of Waxing Mayfair Review

ministry of waxing mayfair london review

Its summer and a lot of you might be heading out on a holiday to some where nice and warm in or outside your home country. Its the time when dresses, shorts and beachwear become a priority. Another thing that becomes a big priority is preparing your body for it. Some people like to lose weight and tone their bodies before summers hit. Some also like to get their bodies waxed and tanned.

As I am thankfully naturally tanned, the most important thing for me is to get my waxing done. Waxing isn’t as great as laser, its painful but for me personally, its a 2 in 1 thing. It not only frees you from unwanted hair but also takes of dead skin, making your skin look very clean.

I was invited to Ministry of Waxing a couple of days ago to a complementary service. I must say, I really liked it. ministry of waxing mayfair london review


Ministry of waxing is situated in different parts of London. The one in Mayfair suited me the most so that’s where I went. ministry of waxing mayfair london review

The person who dealt with me, Aniqa, was very warm and nice. We had a lovely chat during the sessions. ministry of waxing mayfair london review

At ministry of waxing, they use high quality wax and equipment. I particularly liked something I call an oil massage/therapy at the end of every sessions. ministry of waxing mayfair london review

You can choose from different services depending on your needs. I went for full body waxing.

Ministry of Waxing not only deals in waxing but also Laser Hair Removal. They are also soon launching their eyebrow parlour.


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