Monsoon Rose Gold Eau de Perfume Review

Monsoon Rose Gold Eau de Perfume Review

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April Whitlow

Monsoon have recently come out with a new Rose Gold Eau de perfume that has caught the attention of many bloggers for its surprising elegant simplicity at a high-street price. Monsoon Rose Gold Eau de Perfume Review

The packaging is clean and simple with touches of rose gold both in the solid-feeling box and in minimalist lettering on the teardrop snapped bottle.  The bottle itself nods to vintage scents with the old-style ‘cut glass’ lid and would sit perfectly on any vanity shelf next to luxury bits and baubles. Monsoon Rose Gold Eau de Perfume Review

Top notes: citrusy lemon, soft fruit and ozonic scents, velvety rose, tuberose, neroli and cyclamen.

Base notes: Eastern woods, vanilla, mosses, musk and balsamic amber.

My overall impression of the scent is that it is surprisingly light for a rose perfume and not It’s a glamorous scent that feels young and mature at the same time  it’s not for girls but perfect for young, ambitious women. I think it works really well for both daytime and nighttime wear. Monsoon Rose Gold Eau de Perfume Review

Rose Gold Perfume Can Be Bought Right HERE

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