5 Most Expensive Perfume Collections







By Umaima Mehtab


Most Expensive Perfume Collections

Perfume is a finishing touch to your beautiful outfit.  You are never fully dressed without perfume – C Joybell. Your scent can actually describe your personality more than any other thing. Luxury perfumes made by scent experts have natural oils and extract that work perfectly with your body chemistry and make you smell pleasant for a long time. Before I wrote a Perfume Guide for Women.

Here, I have shortlisted top five luxury perfume brands that are loved by celebrities all across the globe. Most Expensive Perfume Collections


Roja Parfums is a brand owned by the master of scents; “Roja Dove”. He thinks that everyone deserves to smell good. His perfumes are a combination of the finest ingredients, memories and art. He puts special effort and heart in each of his creations like, Roja Good Night Kiss was to recreate the scent of his mother while she used to him good night. Without compromising on cost or quality Roja dove has designed several perfume lines that are synonymous with opulence and luxury. Most Expensive Perfume Collections


Inspired by the art of perfumery in Venice, Italy, this Luxury brand creates perfumes that use fancy oils, ingredients and Italian perfume making techniques to create a masterpiece in each bottle. These scents are known to describe the cultural richness and uniqueness of Venice. The Murano art collection by the Merchant of Venice represents the unique glass blowing art of Venice that they have represented in their perfume bottles like in The Merchant of Venice Vaso Tipo Verde Oro con Finit Verde.


This brand is named after the founder of the perfumery, Henry Cremona, who was a traveler and lover of scents since childhood.  He travelled around the world to collect the most exquisite natural ingredients for his perfumes. Henry Jacques Oudh Imperial is a classical example of strong Middle Eastern fragrances. His perfumes are a work of Art and symphony. Most Expensive Perfume Collections


Fueled with the passion for fine scents, Italian perfume expert, Sergio Momo started this brand in 2003. He uses old and rare species of flowers, herbs and wood to create a distinctive fragrance in his perfumes. Xerjoff Kampuchea Noire Attar Oil is one of his best selling perfume oil because of its unique yet elegant woody scent. Most Expensive Perfume Collections


Founded by the artisan British perfumers, this brand represents the British heritage and craftsmanship. Each perfume bottle is made exclusively in the UK and contains natural ingredients and oil that ensure the finest fragrance ever. Boadicea the victorious valiant is loved by many celebrities throughout the world. It has a soft, floral scent that generates a classy and luxurious aura.

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