No Fail Party Outfits: How to Get It Right



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No Fail Party Outfits



New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and this year you have to rock it. Of course, there are lot of questions you are asking yourself: is this dress too short? Are my heels too high? Will this be too much? You need to stop immediately. First of all, it is New Year’s Eve! You deserve to give yourself some time off and get crazy. No Fail Party Outfits

We suggest you to step outside your comfort zone this year and wake up your inner scene queen with these fabulous outfits. No Fail Party Outfits

No Fail Holiday Outfit

Velvet Suit

The first place for the biggest comeback goes to velvet. Who would have thought? There are two kinds of people: ones that adore velvet and others who despise it. It may seem really tacky when you see it on a clothing hanger, but you will be amazed how glamorous it can look.

Pair it up with a basic black blouse and black pointed toe heels. Since the outfit will draw all of the attention to itself, you have to be really careful with your hair and makeup. Try making soft curls or straightening it completely. Soft eyes and a red lipstick will make it complete.

Slip dress


Hello nineties. Remember Kate Moss and her shocking see-through slip dress from 1993? It seems like it was yesterday. Just like velvet, these beauties also made it to come back with style. Here are some rules on wearing them:

  • Since your figure plays a big role, make it the best it can be with shape-wear panties underneath
  • Mini slip dresses look fabulous with over-the-knee boots
  • Match a long slip dress with a simple blazer and strappy sandals
  • If you are more into alternative style, layer it with a simple printed or white T-shirt and add over-the-knee boots to complete the look

Leather vs. Lace

The vs. part is here for a reason, because the two of these are complete opposites. While lace is more of a fairytale princess fabric, leather is for “don’t mess with me” chicks. An incredible thing is that, when you pair them together, you are instantly turning into a fashion icon. A white lace blouse with a black bow will go fabulous with a mini leather skirt. It is where nice and naughty meet.

Sassy Little Black Dress


Now calm down, this isn’t that emergency – suitable for everything – little black dress you are hiding in your closet, no. This is a sassy dress which is meant for a NYE party. The key is in finding the wildest, craziest, most asymmetrical black dress and pairing it up with a neat ponytail and red carpet kind of makeup.


We are so happy that sequins are finally here once again! Here are a few sequined outfits you could try out:

  • Black over-the-knee boots and a sequin dress
  • A white or black shirt and black heels with a sequin skirt
  • Black suit pants and a white long sleeved shirt with a sequin blazer
  • Ripped jeans, a white blouse and a sequin blazer
  • Gold sequin pants with a white long sleeved shirt and black pointed toe heels

The most important rule when it comes to sequins though is that only one sequin piece per outfit is allowed. Otherwise, you will look like a Christmas present and we don’t want that.

High Waisted Bell Pants


Just like the nineties, the seventies are striking again as well. They are bringing back the most iconic ‘70s garment of them all: bell pants. They have become staple items, especially black ones and white ones.

While white ones are better with dark or black tops and heels, black ones can be combined with every color out there and look fabulous. They will point out your best features and make you look incredibly glamorous. Try matching them with: Sequin crop tops, black or white lace crop tops and a matching blazer. Spice your look with some platforms and watch everyone drool while watching you.

That would be it. We hope we helped and that this will be your best New Year’s Eve so far. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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