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These days there are more concerns about pollution when you are walking around outside! From the bus, that gust out exhaust fumes in your face causing unhealthy skin and the pollutants harm your lungs. However, there are many different other pollutants affecting our skin and our health. Today we are going to take a close look at them.

First on the list is Traffic pollution that is one of the most dangerous contaminants known as NO2 and very difficult to catch up with filters. These contaminants when outside causes acceleration of aging your skin, leaving it more vulnerable to inflammation and irritation.

Then to top it all we have different types of air pollution not only caused by vehicles but factories as well. As they blow the toxic gasses into the air, it comes down and affects our skin. How, it makes it dry, causes skin rashes, acne, eczema, and premature the skin as it ages much quicker.what-how-hextio-does-works

However, these two are not the only poisons that our body needs to deal with we forget about indoor pollution that is another important culprit leading to poor health and skin. Indoor pollution at times is sometimes five times higher than outdoor pollution. When you think of indoor contaminants, you think of the creosote from fireplaces and stoves. Others poisons come from pressed wood products or foam insulation that are two culprits when it comes to dry skin, rashes, and irritation.

On the other hand, not everything looks dull; as there are some great solutions and steps, you can take to reduce the unpleasant effects of these impurities. Make sure that you improve the ventilation indoors by allowing in fresher air, keep the humidity low, or you can buy yourself a Hextio in air purification and sterilisation system.

Make sure to drink loads of water and follow a healthy skin replenish antioxidant program, follow a healthy diet to stop these pollutants from damaging your skin and your health.

Hextio are giving 100 units away to product testers, contact them if you are interested.

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  • It about time that there was an air purifier that deals with traffic pollution!
    This looks great – it is a shame that it’s not available yet, going on Kickstarter on the 18th October …… but they are doing it at 1/2 price on the launch day……. I think I will be buying a couple!

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