Special Feature: How To Choose The Best Swatch Watch

They say, “Time is non refundable, use it with intention.” People who are habitual of wearing watches, use their time more wisely. No matter how advanced your cell phone is, it can never take the place of a watch. A watch is a timeless classic accessory that elevates the look of your attire while defining your class and sophistication.  

In 1980’s a Swiss watch maker came up with the brand named “Swatch”. The word Swatch is a shortened form of Second Watch. Swatch came out with analogue watches that won the hearts of buyers in an instant. The watches had changeable straps and cases that excited people of all ages. They were able to use this feature to match their watches with their outfits without spending a fortune on different watches.

Even to this day, Swatch watches are loved by many throughout the world. Their contemporary designs, classic staples, affordable prices and reliability make these watches a favorite amongst a lot of people. Swatch watches also make a perfect gift as they come in a lot of shapes, colors and sizes.

Swatch watches are specifically designed to suit different age groups. Here, we have a guide to buy Swatch watches according to your age and style,


Show your fun and funky side with Swatch Astible Gloss Plastic Watch. It has straps and a case made of silicone that makes it water resistant to 30 m. Pair this watch with your everyday outfits and you’ll be known as the cool kid on the block.


Stay fashionably on time with this ultra glam Swatch Golden Sparkling Watch. It has a big round dial with a glittery strap and buckle affixed at the ends. This watch can dress up any outfit in a blink of an eye. Be it a tee with jeans or a dress, this watch is the perfect option to go for.

BOLD 20s:

The 20s is the time of your life when you’re exploring your fashion sense. Swatch Silver Friend Too Watch is the perfect option for you in your twenties. It will give you a bold and modern look. The best part is, it will go with literally every outfit you own.


In your thirties, less is more. Let your accessories speak about your personality. Swatch Sistem Soul Silver & Black Leather Automatic is the ideal option for this part of your life. It is classy and simple. You can also get it in two colours, which ever you like.

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