Water: How To Drink 8 Glasses EveryDay

Water is the most important thing that your body needs. About 70% of your body is water, so all your organs need water to work. Water also helps keep the blood circulation normal. Water is important for a healthy looking skin, I can’t stress enough how important water is for your body. My Story Before moving to UK, I used to live in Pakistan where we have all 4 seasons. Summer/hot

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Unusual Funky Handbags by Daniel Wells

Unusual funky handbags are hard to find these days, especially if you want one with a very good quality. Loli Bags is a collection of unusual and funky handbags by Daniel Wells. If you have a funky lifestyle, unusual funky handbags give character to your personality. You love bright colours. Everything from your hair to shoes are in contrast with bright colours. Daniel Wells has an interesting little story about how he

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Nutrinerve: Neuropathy Breakthrough

Nutrinerve: There are now 30 million people with diabetes in the US. There are furthermore 80 million people with prediabetes and metabolic syndrome. Nutrinerve: About half the people with diabetes develop nerve damage or neuropathy which is the most common complication of diabetes. Prediabetes does not escape its attention on and about 1 in 6 people will also suffer neuropathy. Half the people will have pain and the remainder will

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Paul Mitchell Frizz Fighting Curls Collection Review

Paul Mitchel Frizz Fighting Curls collection is a set of hair products ideal for people with curly hair. Frizz fighting is an everyday issue for many of us. I have curly hair and although they are best for styling, frizz is still a problem. Especially living in a country where it rains quite often, it doesn’t really help. So we need frizz fighting products to tame our mane. Paul Mitchell Curls

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A Collaboration With Molton Brown

Molton Brown is a highly prestigious brand in the world of skincare and beauty.  Its a great honour for me to be collaborating with them today, so here’s the molton brown fiery pink pepper review. I was sent this Fiery Pink Pepper Collection by Molton Brown for an honest review. I have instantly fallen in love with it. It is ‘Sultry, Humid and Spicy’. A perfect amalgamation of Pink pepper, tangerine, elemi oil,

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