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KORRES Skincare Review

korres skincare review KORRES is a Greek skincare brand with roots in Athens’ first ever Homeopathic Pharmacy. The first Korres product was an aromatic herbal syrup with honey and aniseed, a recipe inspired by “rakomelon”, a warming spirit with honey concoction, which George Korres’ grandfather used to favour in his hometown on the island of Naxos. Set up in 1996 with the aim to utilize its extensive scientific resources for

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Anatomicals Skincare Review

anatomicals skincare review Anatomicals is skincare brand and they ‘only want you for your body’. I go on to their website and am greeted by this really funky animation that is worth watching. What sets Anatomicals different from other brands is the name of their products. They are amazing! I received a few of their products to write an honest review. anatomicals skincare review Here is what I received: Anatomicals “Hawaii five-glow”

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Personal Styling Tips Top 10 For Fashion Lovers

Personal styling tips 2017 Archana Dhankar Contributor Every year we are offered with a new collection from various designers in the name of fashion. But not all the styles make it from the runway to the streets. But there are some trends that are hard to miss. Here are 10 key trends you need to stay fashionable this year: Personal styling tips 2017 Cold shoulder:   Off shoulders and shoulder cutouts

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9 Uses of Sea Salt to Achieve Beautiful Skin, Hair, Teeth, and Nails

Did you know that the concentration of minerals and nutrients in our body is the same as that of sea water? Sea salt is rich in minerals, such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium, which are essential for your skin’s health, and cellular communication. Imbalance in your skin’s mineral can cause dryness, irritation, dullness, and blotchiness, especially during dry or cold weather. Minerals in sea salt can help balance hydration,

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How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger In 3 Ways

Whether you like eye makeup or not, the most problems we encounter regarding bigger eyes is that the focus is always on using makeup. While makeup can be fun, it’s not something all of us use every day. I myself prefer going the natural way most of the time. Here I will show you some useful tips in helping you to make your eyes look bigger the natural way and

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Interview With Actor Model Anuj Choudhry of Mirzya

Anuj Choudhry is an actor and model from India. I spoke to Anuj upon release of his movie Mirzya where he plays a supporting role. I actually enjoyed his acting more than anyone else in the film. Mirzya is based on a Punjabi folklore called Mirza Sahibaan. Although many movies, plays and dramas have been made on this folklore but the only version I’ve ever watched is one from 1947, starring

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Top 3 Latest Halloween Step-By-Step Makeup Ideas

Halloween 2016 is just around the corner and aren’t we all looking for some makeup inspiration? Here is some inspiration and step by step tutorials from 3 great instagrammers. Hope you can recreate these looks and don’t forget follow them for more inspiration. Halloween Makeup Idea 1: Strange tribal-looking sketch skull #artaccount #artistic #art #creative #sfx #makeup #sfxmakeup #beauty #beautymakeup #halloween #halloweenmakeup #halloweeninspo #negativespace #indie #indieart A photo posted by anaвelle • ѕιхтeen

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An Interview With RJ and Presenter Anushka Arora

She looks very pretty in mustard pants and a white chiffon blouse. I see her from far away and think where have I seen her. I even approach her to ask her if she’s a Youtuber but she smiles and says no. We are at Madamme Tasauds for the Press Conference of Shahrukh Khan‘s movie ‘Fan’. I go home and think hard as to where I’ve seen her. Then I remember, OMG! That’s

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