Burberry Lipsticks For All Skin Tones ft Octer Shop

Burberry lipsticks were talk of the town when Burberry first released its beauty collection. Since then I fell in love with Burberry more. The Burberry lipsticks were named Burberry Kisses, and in today’s post I talk about my experience with these lipsticks. About Octer Octer is a platform for customers from all walks of life. Octer deal in all kinds of products ranging from as little as £1 to £1000 and above.

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Top 8 Natural Oily Hair Home Remedies

Natural oily hair home remedies are what many people are looking for. Oily hair occur when the hair look greasy in just 1 or 2 days after washing it. The scalp has a natural oil gland that produces the oil to keep your hair healthy. And there is an excessive oil production; you will get an oily hair. Because oily hair looks lifeless and dirty and can make you feel

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3 Major Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Today, I’ll be talking about one of the most common struggles us girls face – not being able to slim down. When it comes to your weight, when you gain a few extra pounds, it’s easy to think that once you start being healthy again, they’ll quickly melt away. However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes those extra few pounds just won’t budge, despite the fact you’re eating well and

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How to Dye Your Hair with Henna / Mehndi

Henna has been used as a herbal dye by men and women alike for centuries. Henna has natural conditioning properties and no side effects. It has a cooling effect so its great for people living in hot countries. Things You Need To dye your hair with henna you will need: 1 packet henna powder Bowl 1 tea bag/1 tsp tea leaves 1 tsp coffee grains 1 cup water Saucepan Gloves

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Edens Semilla : Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Jojoba Oil Review

Edens Semilla is a skin care brand, most active on amazon. Today’s post is about two of their best selling products. Edens Semilla is a fairly new (originally founded in the U.S in August 2015) online business deals in oils and serums. The name is Spanish that means Eden‘s Seed and was chosen because originally a large part of the U.S market was Spanish and their original product was Rosehip Oil (100% natural) which

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