Considerations in African American Rhinoplasty

More and more people are considering rhinoplasty than ever before these days. African-Americans make up around fifteen percent of this total number. The main goal is to have a nose that looks harmonious with the other features while still maintaining the ethnic characteristics of the face. It is very important to find a qualified, experienced physician who is able to approach each individual case with a plan that is tailored to the African-American patient’s particular features and expectations.

Reasons for Having Rhinoplasty

Today, most women and men often desire to have the best-looking nose possible. They want to have the bridge, base, and tip refined to look harmonious with the face, while still maintaining their ethnic heritage. Others want to have their noses reshaped to provide better breathing passages. These surgeries include correction of a deviated septum and possible turbinate shaving to widen the airway passage. Still, others are looking for a surgical intervention that can produce medical benefits as well as improve the overall look of the nose at the same time. Qualified surgeons work with these patients to develop an individualized approach to their surgery. By using illustrations, photographs, and technological programs, they can achieve the best results possible for their patients.

What to Expect in African American Rhinoplasty

Some particular characteristics that might be present in the African-American nasal structure are flat or wide bridge, or broad tip with poor definition, and wider nostrils. Other considerations include thicker skin and thinner nasal cartilage. Due to these differences, rhinoplasty in African-American patients is done with methods that are totally different from rhinoplasties done on Caucasian patients. All of these components are very serious, so it is crucial to find a qualified, experienced surgeon who understands the importance of treating each patient’s surgery on an individual basis. These physicians use a variety of means to give each patient their desired results. The goal is to provide the patient with a nose that is medically healthy and aesthetically pleasing and harmonious with the rest of the face.

The first consult with the patient provides time for the patient to express their desires for the outcome of the surgery to the physician. The physician can use a variety of things to develop individual surgical plans for patients. Photographs, diagrams and before and after pictures from computer programs can help the physician and patient develop a mutual understanding of the results of the surgery. Once the physician comes up with the surgical plan, the patient learns about aspects such as recuperation time, cost and the physician’s post-surgical instructions.

Following the surgery, patients are expected to follow the physician’s orders explicitly to achieve the healthiest, most aesthetically pleasing results. During African-American rhinoplasty procedures, the physician might have to build a nasal bridge or tip from a cartilage graft in order to provide the necessary strength. Some physicians use artificial grafts such as Goretex or Medpor, but grafts can also be taken from the patient’s own body as well. Due to thickened skin, procedures that remove excess fibroareolar tissue can help skin to adhere to the new structures that physicians have built to provide patients with the strength and refinement needed for a strong, healthy nose.

A common complaint that physicians hear from African-American patients is that the base of the nose is too wide. The physician can perform a procedure known as an alar reduction, by removing small parts of the nostril at the bottom of the nostril where it connects with the face. The incisions are finished with fine sutures which leave a seamless healing site.

Importance of finding a Surgeon qualified in African American Rhinoplasty

Dr Andrew Jacono, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who is considered to be a worldwide authority in his field. He is dual certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in addition to head and neck surgery. He is considered to be an authority in original, minimally invasive procedures that produce natural and flawless results. His patient base includes many prominent men and women in the public eye who are particularly interested in keeping a beautifully rejuvenated appearance. Dr Jacono is an experienced surgeon who specializes in techniques for African-American rhinoplasty patients, and he is uniquely qualified for these surgeries.

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