Gummy Bear Implants Explained

Gummy bear implants are great plastic surgery options that are revolutionary. By definition, a breast implant is an artificial device that transforms the size, shape and the overall look of the breast. Options for breast implants have evolved over the years to offer patients more variety. The previous options before the introduction of gummy bear implants made patients cope with the choices available, even though the options brought about a certain level of concern when it came to safety and appearance.

However, gummy bear implants are now a choice that is becoming popular because of its cohesive and organic-looking reputation. As this implant gains popularity, most people are trying to identify with its differential factor that makes it different from the rest.

The history of breast implants

There are five categories of breast implants, with each group having slightly enhanced implants. The fifth generation of implants was made in the 1990’s, and it began the transformation of the field of plastic surgery. At this point, more controversy and questions peaked about the safety of leakage of implants and body migration. The first gummy implant was created around this time. As time went by, studies indicated that gummy bear implants had a lower rate of rupture and a higher chance of safety. For most, it was the answer to most of the issues that were in breast augmentation.

The gummy bear implant title

In the scientific community, when a new product or material is discovered, it most likely ends up with a highly complicated name. Having that as an obvious path, where did the name “gummy bear implant” come from? The credit of the name comes from Dr. Grant Stevens after he cut an implant which remained intact and stable just like a gummy bear.

The name is not well accepted by some medical professions because it is misleading. The gel that is found in this implant is not solid; it is more cohesive than other silicone implants. Since the silicone is not solid, it can still rupture. Although implants are not likely to rupture, it is still possible for a rupture to happen with gummy bear implants.

Silicone or saline vs. Gummy bear implants

It is hard for a patient to pick an implant that fits their body, even if they are being assisted by an experienced plastic surgeon, especially if one of the options available is not the usual cases; silicone and saline. Let us look at the differences between each implant in detail.

Silicone-Silicone implant

The fourth generation of implants is the silicone-silicone gel. This gel consists of a shell prefilled with a gel-like substance. The incision made is bigger compared to other implants, and this can bring about some skin rippling.

Saline-Saline implants

In saline-saline implants, it comprises a silicone shell inflated with water after it is inserted into the body. The benefit of this implant is that the incision required is usually subtle, and the breast size can be controlled. But saline implants can leak and cause a skin ripple close to the breast.

Gummy bear implants

These are the fifth generation implants, and they are the most commonly available. Their most distinguishing characteristic is the textured shell that helps to reduce scarring and capsule contracture around the implant. The price is a bit higher compared to the other options of implants.

While there is no way to compare the implants, gummy implants can rupture less and have a more durable shell.

Benefits of gummy bear implants

The choice of an implant is based purely on preference. While that is the case, there are some distinct advantages of the gummy bear.

Unlikely to ripple

Since the internal gel has a cohesive bond, it is not easy to find a ripple in this implant. From the time it is inserted into the body, it will remain in position, and the chances of it collapsing are very low.


The shape of the gummy bear will stay intact for a while because of the gel’s properties. Other implants, on the other hand, will adjust themselves to the shape of the breast. But when it comes to gummy bear implants, the breast will mold itself to the implant shape.

Less scar tissue

It has been studied that gummy bear implants will cause less scarring compared to other implants. It is not evident as to why this is the case, but some speculate that it is because of the implant firmness and silicone’s less diffusive implant.

If you are scared about breast scars, you should go for endoscopic breast augmentation which is a technique that leaves only hidden scars on the breast for a natural look to be evident.

Gummy bear implants overview

Although it is the newest form of plastic surgery, it is an attractive alternative to many people, people are not only excited to try out the latest treatment, but the natural look and the durability of the implant make it a trusted alternative for patients and surgeons alike.

The procedure

The procedure of placing a gummy bear implant can take approximately an hour. A funnel is used when inserting the implant. For the incision, it happens to be slightly larger than the usual incisions for other implants because the implant is stable and highly cohesive. The textured and thicker coating helps the implants to adhere to the breast tissue (Velcro) which helps the implant to stay in place. But are they prone to leakage? Well, since the gel molecules of the implant are tighter, it is highly unlikely for the implant to leak.


The recovery process of gummy bear implants is the same as the other implants. You can take approximately two days off work to recuperate. But you will still need to be under a strict program on what to do and what not to do. For a full recovery, you will take a minimum of two weeks to recover fully.


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