Merci Handy Hand Gel & Face Mist Review

Merci Handy Hand Gel & Face Mist Review

Freshen Up with Merci Handy

With the summer, heat there is nothing more frustrating than your face and hands feeling sticky. The solution is the Merci Handy range of hand gels and the face mist. They have kept me feeling refreshed during the day. Merci Handy Hand Gel & Face Mist Review

For cleansing the hands

Merci Handy has the perfect all in one pack available and believe me the gels smell out of this world. The great thing about this set is it has eight by 30ml pocket-sized bottles. Once applied to your hand it makes it feel soft and has a delicate perfume smell. Merci Handy Hand Gel & Face Mist Review

The set has the following fragrance gels in it: Merci Handy Hand Gel & Face Mist Review

  • The Coco Rico
  • Black Vanilla
  • Cherie Cherry
  • Hello Sunshine
  • Flower Power
  • New Wave
  • Lollipop
  • Oh My Lemon

I have placed each one of these gels in my different bags for day use and one in my pocket. For festivals they are perfect and leaves, you feeling refreshed throughout the day. All you need is a small squeeze and rub it on your hands and the miracle ingredients of glycerin, Aqua, perfume to name a few takes care of the rest.

Keeping the face feeling fresh

The other wonderful product to keep my face feeling fresh is the Merci Handy face mist collection. There is three refreshing mist bottles available in a pack of three or you can buy them separately. Buying the pack of three is affordable and as with the hand gel, you can leave one of each in different bags or your pocket.

The fragrance of each is superb and made with fresh water and other ingredients. All you need to do on a scorching day is to close your eyes and gently spray. The pack consists of a Chill Out, Flower Power, and Hello Sunshine mist.

The Hello Sunshine leaves your senses tingling with exotic fragrance while the Chill Out leaves you feeling cool and for peace and serenity, the Flower Power is perfect. Once sprayed on your skin it leaves no drops or sticky feeling.

You Can Buy Merci Handy Products Right Here



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