Leighton Denny Under The Mistletoe Lip Dual Collection Review & Swatches

Leighton Denny has just released it Christmas special Under The Mistletoe collection. The collection consists of 10 beautiful colors.


Although for the last year or so, I’ve gone back to loving dark lip colours. Its as if I’m reviving some old memories through dark lipsticks from the early 2000s.

I use nude lip colours very rarely. Only when I want to look very glamourous. For some reason, bold eyes and nude lips make me look like a celebrity so I like to save that look for a special occasion.

I also feel that I need to be very careful when using nude lip colours as someone with olive skin tone, I can easily look pale and ill. You know how makeup has the power to totally change your look.

Thats exactly what happened when I used the two nude colours that I received.

I was a bit scared to use them thinking, oh well! Lets hope for the best.

My Thoughts On Leighton Denny Under The Mistletoe Lip Dual Collection

Having said all that, here is what I think about the Leighton Denny Under The Mistletoe Collection

  • First things first, I really love the shades that I have received.
  • The lipstick on its own feels a bit blotchy. But once covered with the stain, it looks extremely glamorous and beautiful.
  • The stain turns it into a matte texture that helps it last long.
  • The packaging is great.
  • I like the fact that you get both lipstick and lip stain in one. Both the shades have been carefully chosen to complement one another.

3 Best Ways To Use Leighton Denny Under The Mistletoe Lip Duals

According to the Leighton Denny experts, you can use the lip duals in the following 3 ways:

“For a light, super sexy day look, apply the stain and then dab your favourite lip balm on top for a just-bitten look.  Try High Profile, it works with any skin tone with its sweet berry hue.

For a subtle, yet long-lasting look, apply the hydrating water-based stain for lips that shimmer and shine with intense colour.  A perfect Christmas touch of pink is In The Nude, the perfect rose shade to compliment Carol Singing and a sneaky kiss!

Punch it up at night and bring on the drama by applying the stain as a base coat, following with a layer of the creamy lipstick for a bold statement. Ravishing Red is the perfect shade, this classic, rich red is too tempting to resist – so be warned!”

All Leighton Denny Under The Mistletoe Lip Duals can be found HERE


In The Nude & Hot Gossip 


In The Nude


In The Nude


Hot Mess


Hot Mess

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