A Guide To Wearing Your Engagement Ring To Work


While an engagement is always a happy occasion, many women are unsure about whether they should wear the ring while at work. Some might think it might affect their chances of promotion, but one thing is for sure, wearing a diamond engagement ring while working might cause the ring to be damaged, and for this reason alone, many women leave their engagement ring at home.


Choosing The Ring


If you have a say in the ring design, then you should consider things like wearing it while working, and by choosing a design with the diamonds set flush with the surface, there is less chance of a breakage. Many couples actually choose the ring together, and with online jewellers who have an extensive catalogue, you can select a ring that is sturdy enough to be worn all the time. One should always be practical when choosing a ring design, especially if it contains diamonds.  


The Right Ring Design


If your engagement ring has raised stones in a clasp, then there is always the risk of this catching on fabric or furniture edges, yet if the stones are set into the metal in a flush way, there is less chance of the ring getting damaged. If the ring isn’t suitable, but you would like to wear it all the time, Diamonds.co.nz customises diamond rings, and they could reset the stones. Many women have their engagement or wedding ring altered to make it less prone to damage, and with custom jewellers, this can easily be done.


Secure Storage

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If you do want to wear your ring at work, yet are worried about it getting damaged when you are doing certain activities, you could keep a small ring box in your drawer or locker, and whenever you are about to do something manual, you can remove the ring and keep it in the box. If you work in an office and spend most of your time at your workstation, then wearing your engagement ring probably isn’t an issue, but if you have an active job that sees you out and about a lot, it is safer to leave the ring at home.


Personal Choice


Some women would never take off their engagement or wedding ring, while others are more careful, especially if they lead an active life. Obviously, the ring should be insured, in case it is ever lost, and if you feel happier wearing the ring to work, then why not?

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It is perfectly natural to want to show the world that you are engaged, and providing the ring design is suitable, there is no reason why you need to remove it. One should always be careful with any diamond jewellery, for obvious reasons, and if you like to play sports, you should always remove the ring and keep it in a safe place until you have finished playing.

Whether you decide to wear your engagement ring to work or not, you should always care for it properly, and make sure you take out adequate insurance.


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