Butterwhips Skincare Review

Are you looking for a cruelty-free beauty product that works? We found a brand for you!

Butterwhips is a Cruelty-Free International company that offers natural and ethical alternatives.

Furthermore, they are part of the Leaping Bunny program, as well.

What makes Butterwhips different?

They sell the most amazing botanical skincare products.

Butterwhips an Award-Winning Cruelty-Free Beauty Product

Compared to your typical lotion Butterwhips works a bit differently and comprise of pure plant extracts.

Two of the products that stand out are part of their Face Butter collection.

The Floral Face Butter and Citrus Face Butter may smell a bit different in the tub.

However, once you start to apply it, the butter heats up with your body, and you are surrounded by natural aromatic plant compounds.

So why did we choose these two kinds of facial butter? Let us take a closer look!

Butterwhips Floral Face Butter

The Floral Face Butter has a subtle scent of Helichrysum and Ylang-Ylang that is recommended for all skin types. Furthermore, it is suitable for the whole family to use.

Moreover, the butter comprises immortelle oil that provides anti-aging properties.

Paired with the Ylang-Ylang and blend of cold-pressed organic Apricot oil, it acts as an anti-inflammatory as well.

The oils resemble your skin’s natural sebum while enriched with vitamins and organic Shea butter.

Therefore, you get a luxurious skincare feast that helps to maintain your youthful complexion.

On the other hand, a little goes a long way, and a small tub of this butter lasts long.

Butterwhips Citrus Face Butter

Compared to the previous product, the Citrus Face Butter has a fruity sweet yet woody undertone scent.

As with the Floral Face Butter, it is also suitable for all skin types and ages. The main ingredient is rosewood that also regenerates the skin.

Furthermore, it has restorative properties with several compounds, as well.

There is Bergamot oil in it as well and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Moreover, it is combined with the same organic Apricot oil enriched with vitamins and Shea butter.

Give the Cruelty-Free Beauty Product a Try

Personally, if you are against animal testing, we can recommend this cruelty-free beauty product.

The butter is soft on the skin and Butterwhips has a wide selection botanical skin range you can try.

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