Doctor Babor Lifting Cellular Dual Lift Serum Review

Doctor Babor Lifting Cellular Dual Lift Serum Review

Michelle Whitney



What could be better than a Doctor inventing a skincare range? Doctors have an in depth knowledge of human skin, how it works and active ingredients that can target problem areas. Dr Michael Babor was a pioneer in 1956 for producing effective skincare treatments. The Doctor Babor brand is a tribute to him; produced in Germany and prided on its precision and quality. German engineering for the skin! Doctor Babor Lifting Cellular Dual Lift Serum Review



I have been reviewing the Lifting Cellular Dual Lift Serum. The serum claims to restore lost elasticity to skin, the skin is solidified from the inside and wrinkles are smoothed. Is it as effective as it claims?

The serum is impeccably packaged, and the dual serum nozzles reinforce the brands ethic of taking skincare seriously. Instructions on the bottle are easy to follow, with diagrams on the front casing. One nozzle is a ‘’re-fill’’ serum, filling in fine lines and contours. The additional nozzle is ‘’V-Shape’’ Serum designed to re-sculpt the oval / v-line face shape. Doctor Babor Lifting Cellular Dual Lift Serum Review

I have been using the product daily at night. I must say by the morning my face appears more defined. However, at 25 I don’t have deep set wrinkles. I know that this product is aimed at those who do. That being said, prevention is better than cure – it’s good to start looking after skin at a younger age to prevent wrinkles. Doctor Babor Lifting Cellular Dual Lift Serum Review

The serum initially tightens skin; you can feel this upon application. After around ten minutes this feeling disappears, and your skin feels supple.  The serum is based on aesthetic face lifts, so provides a much cheaper alternative to injectable solutions. Overall I think although this serum may be better suited to someone middle aged, but it did make a real difference to my skin. It’s great for contouring the face, it is a literal face lift in a bottle.

Overall thoughts

In a world where social media dictates trends and how we live our lives, it is increasingly difficult for anti-ageing treatments to compete with surgical procedures. I believe science based companies, that use active ingredients, such as Doctor Babor have the power to make a real difference to the over the counter anti-ageing treatment standards.

Doctor Babor Lifting Cellular Dual Lift Serum is available HERE

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