Fitness Tips during Covid-19

Fitness tips during Covid-19 can help relieve stress and improve overall health during these lockdown times.

A fact is it can be fun for the whole family. Exercise has loads of benefits for young and old and helps with regular physical activity as well.

It helps reduce the anxiety related to the virus and improve concentration and sleep.  

Do you want to add some excitement to your workout routine? Check these fitness tips during Covid-19 for the whole family to join in?  

Get the Family Involved with these Fitness Tips during Covid-19

Have some fun creating obstacle courses in the household and use your imagination.

Do not forget to demonstrate each obstacle with your kids to understand the movements involved.

You can even encourage them to create their own obstruction courses to challenge all in the family.

Obstacle Courses Using Household Items

Here are some great fitness tips using items in the home during Covid-19:

  • Make use of chairs – you can go over, under, or around them.
  • Cardboard boxes – use the boxes to create tunnels to crawl through and use smaller boxes to jump over.
  • Blankets – drape the sheets over the chairs to form tunnels to crawl through or use it on a non-carpeted floor to pull or pull family members or objects.
  • Pillows – using a cushion is a great way to practice your balance as you can stand on them.
  • Tape – as you cannot move around outdoors, you can use the tape to mark exercise areas indoors.
  • Plastic cups – use the containers as makeshift cones by placing them on the floor to mark the obstacle course.
  • Sidewalk chalk – you can use it to draw lines and arrows to follow. You can even draw ladders, hopscotch squares, or baseball bases.

Other Fitness Tips during Covid-19

If you do not have a family to have fun with, you can always take part in yoga as you can do this anywhere. All you need is a mat with a program to follow.

Alternatively, you can do weight/resistance training with resistance bands or making weights with household items. The fitness tips during Covid-19 are endless to stay in shape.

Another great way to stay fit is with bodyweight exercises using your body weight to work on each muscle group for a great full workout.

Lastly, you can walk/jog in one place if not permitted to go outdoors. If you can go outside, remember the guidelines when it comes to social distancing.

So steer away from crowds and do not touch crosswalk buttons or any posts with the hand. Be safe and take care!

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