Heal Yourself With JOY by OLLYI.ON

As a child growing up, we used to enjoy listening and dancing to music playing on the radio. Normally our parents would think we are crazy saying, “How can you dance to that!” In our days, music used to be peaceful and a joy. Do these words sound familiar?

However, growing up music changed and today when we listen to the latest music playing we think WOW how things have changed some of the music sounds so depressing when listening to it.

However, the other day while looking around on the net feeling all depressed with myself, I came across a very interesting blog article written by Belinda Huang and its so true.

Here she describes how Music can be a Happy Pill and where the melody is a perfect inspiration – providing one with the motivation and uplifting one when listening to certain songs.

This one felt when listening to “Joy by OLLYI.ON.” It makes one feel cheerful and you want to dance and be happy. Yes, music has a powerful influence on all in their daily life – not just in the clubs – but actually lets one take in deep messages into one’s mind, it changes your way of thinking and your outlook to life and for some it is like healing process. 

The “Joy by OLLYI.ON” was uplifting and a must listen, as it will make you want to dance with joy and one can listen to it here: 

Feel liberated and Happy with the words of “Nothing’s going to take my Joy.” For those who are in need of the lyrics, one can find it here to download!

Ever since I have listened to it this is a wake-up call in the morning and the lyrics are liberating and at least means something for a change. Belinda has provided true words; music can be a Happy Pill all depending on the music you are listening!

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