High Fashion Soceity: Buying Pre-Loved Designer Has Become Easier

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I was looking to buy some pre-loved designer bags and came across High Fashion Society. High Fashion Society is a members only club, dealing in second hand, pre-loved designer wear, accessories and bags.

As there are many websites selling counterfeited designer items or replicas out there, High Fashion Society proves its authenticity of all the luxury goods with their money back guarantee option.

Members are provided with many valuable services including updates on latest fashion, discounts, latest arrivals and invitations to fashion events, so this is particularly good if you are a fashion blogger.

high fashion society natasha kundi

Below is a list of all the designers that they deal in. You can click on individual designers to see what High Fashion Society has to offer.

I am really excited to check out their High Fashion Society CLEARANCE section.

Also you can not just buy but also Sell designer goods.


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  • I would like to add a few comments with regards to http://www.highfashionsociety.com I gave a number of my bags to Miss Yolander Hanchard (the owner )in good faith that she would value and sell them on her website. However the reality was very different. she held them for nearly 6 months and without selling one, when i contacted her to ask for my bags to be returned i was directed to the small print (totally my own fault for not reading!) whereby i had to give her 10% of the price she has on her website in order for my things to be returned!! when my bags where returned three of them had been damaged – and now this has taken approximately £1400 from the value, i have since had further quotes for the valuation from a reputable company in Knightsbridge who saw the bags before… they have confirmed that the damage has decreased two bags considerably. I would advise anyone who is thinking of selling their bags through this company to think very carefully. I wonder if indeed my bags have maybe been hired out?

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