How To Keep Your Bed Room Looking Fresh

Your bedroom is a place where you unwind from a long tiring day at work. You could be someone working a job or a mum who spends the day homemaking.

Although I used to work now I’m a homemaker and a mum of so far one boy =)

There are various ways to keep your bedroom looking fresh but there are some of the ways I use to keep it fresh.


Clean home clean mind is something you must have heard time and time again. But its so true. Keep your room clutter free for starters. Trust me, its the first and foremost way to keep your room looking fresh. The best time to get rid of clutter is night time, before going to sleep. Looking around if anything needs to be put in its place. Not only will you have nothing to worry about the next day but you will also wake up fresh.


Use easy care bedding like duvet covers, pillow covers and bed sheet. You won’t need to iron your bedding to keep it looking nice and crispy. Easy Care bedding material gives a nice feeling to your skin. It’s not cotton and it’s not silk so it can never be too hot or too cold for you. Use white bedding as it gives a clean look to your room and gives a sense of spaciousness.


I have a little shelf adjacent to my bed. When I wake up, that’s the first thing I see. I have decorated it with perfumes and flowers. Some lovely pink bottles and white flowers are the perfect combinations.

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