Illamasqua Cream Foundation 215 Review

Hello girlies! As soon as I heard about the Illamaqua online sale, I made my way to the nearest Illamasqua booth/stall which was at Selfridges on Oxford Street, London. A very sweet girl helped me out find the right shade of foundation (shade 12). I must say she did a marvelous job! I noted down the foundation number, went home and contacted their customer services online. They helped me find the nearest shade to shade 12 on their website which was number 215. Putting my trust completely into them, I went on and bought a cream founation 215 for just £5 on their online sale.  I was a little apprehensive on the first use but now I use it every single day and it is just lovely! The packaging was wonderful and I absolutely love the black theme they follow. The foundation is long-lasting with a thick texture. It gives full coverage. For lighter coverage, you can mix it with a moisturizer or a primer. Little goes a long way. This foundation blends easily so you have the option to vary coverage as little or as much as you want. It balances the uneven skin tone without any extra effort and you have the control to fashion a perfect finish. This foundation works best for people with medium to olive skin tone. Hope they soon have another sale so I can buy more and more and more products! Happy Illamasqua-ing!

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