Interview with Carina Lawson of Ponderlily Planner

Interview with Carina Lawson of Ponderlily Planner

Ponderlily Planner is helping people from all walks of life, plan their lives. Today’s post is an interview with entrepreneur Carina Lawson.  Interview with Carina Lawson of Ponderlily Planner

Ponderlily was born out of the desire to make more space for meaning, a passion for elegant stationery, and gratitude for supportive friends and family.  Interview with Carina Lawson of Ponderlily planner

I understand that as women we multitask very well, too well. As a mother of twins, working full-time as an associate director at a leading university, prepping meals, doing the shopping, and being a wife, and not missing friend’s birthdays or when late pick-up is at school – I get that. I wanted to learn more about how other women coped with multiple demands on their time so I researched the topic, formed a focus group, and I found that we typically put ourselves last and when we make time for ourselves we feel guilty.

So I created our flagship planner so that you’ll always ask “what do I need as a woman first today”? A planner that would remind you to be in love with your life. To be connected to the people in it. To nurture not just your family, your friends, your community or your career, but those in-between moments in which you feel like yourself again.  Interview with Carina Lawson of Ponderlily planner

You’re not just a CFO, a pilot or a professor, you’re a friend that we love and laugh with. We want you to be that person every day.

More than just helping you cross items off a to-do list, the core collection of Ponderlily planners is designed to help you focus, dream, and recharge. As women, we make that possible for others every day, what would happen if we make that possible for ourselves?

Our passion for mindfulness extends to the way our materials are sourced: The paper is recycled, the ink is vegetable-based, and the 100% rayon covers are REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) compliant. We are committed to creating products that are good for people and the planet.  Interview with Carina Lawson of Ponderlily planner

Absolutely. The industry is now more regulated, there are agencies who enforce these standards, and the media helps showcase green initiatives. Information is more accessible to customers to make choices that sit well with them.

Social media helps us provide information about our company and our products to customers in real time. We operate Ponderlily from Newcastle and even when I am overseas, social media allows me to talk to our customers every day and find out how we can best meet their needs.

We’ve had the opportunity to partner with wonderful bloggers since we opened Ponderlily. Bloggers and influencers possess both the passion, photography skills, and digital marketing expertise to visually communicate our brand to a wider audience and help us build a community we’re proud of. You featured our planners on your Instagram feed, took beautiful photos, we asked your permission to feature it on our feed, and as a result, we were able to reach a much wider audience.

Talk to your customers to get essential feedback, find a partner and community for support, and always listen to your instincts.


You can reach Carina Lawson at:

Website: Ponderlily

Instagram: weareponderlily

Pinterest: ponderlily

Facebook: Ponderlily

Twitter: weareponderlily

Photo By: Karolina Bak

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