Jimmy Choo Leau Eau De Toilette Review

Jimmy Choo Leau Eau De Toilette Review 

There are two things that I think are best to revive good memories: Music and Fragrances

Where music takes you back to an era stuck some where in your subconscious, fragrances also have the power to take you to another world that you wish could come back.

Maybe it reminds you of your first love or your first kiss or a memorable event in your life or somebody who’s really close to you.

Can you relate? I’m sure the answer is yes. Jimmy Choo Leau Eau De Toilette Review 

Jimmy Choo Leau Eau De Toilette Review

My Thoughts on Jimmy Choo L’eau Eau De Toilette

I am very particular about the perfumes I choose for myself. Having a strong sense of smell, I have to make sure, its does not make me feel nauseous.  Jimmy Choo Leau Eau De Toilette Review

Jimmy Choo perfumes are one of the finest perfumes I have ever known. Over the years I have realised that my favourite perfumes are almost always floral ones and Jimmy Choo Leau Eau De Toilette perfectly falls under that category.

Its feels fresh and beautiful all day long. The smell is sophisticatedly soft and will linger even after the person has left the room.

My sister says: ‘This perfume is so you!’ and I agree.

Due to its floral composition, this perfume is said to evoke radiant femininity.

Jimmy Choo Leau Eau De Toilette Review


Jimmy Choo  L’eau comes in a beautiful pale pink packaging. The bottle looks just like an elegant chandelier and is inspired by Venetian Murano. The bottle is topped with a pale pink 3D cube with metallic gilded edges.

Its light and can easily fit in your bag without making it feel heavy.

Important Information About Jimmy Choo  L’eau Eau De Toilette

Release Date: 30th January 2017

Composed by: Perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou

Top Notes: Bergamot and Hibiscus Flower

Heart: Nectarine and Peony

Base Notes: Cedarwood and Musks

Jimmy Choo L’Eau captures the scent of a delicious thirst-quenching hibiscus flower blended with barks, fruits and vibrant woods, to create a radiant feminine sensuality.” Juliette Karagueuzoglou, Perfumer.

You will be able to find the new fragrance right HERE

All products are PR samples.

What fragrances bring back good memories for you? Tell us in the comments below.

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