Kylie Jenner Lip Madness (Dupe Alert!)

sigma beauty indulgent lip base kylie dupe 

Over the past year Kylie Jenner’s lip shade has gained insane amount of attention and the trend hasn’t gone out of news for once even.

Greetings guys, I’m Jadirah Sarmad from Jasmine Catches Butterflies , a blog where I talk about Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle. Recently, Sigma Beauty launched a chic fall collection named ‘Fall Softly’, releasing for the first time three ‘Lip Bases’. Today I will be sharing with you my favourite shade of the lot and why I think you might be interested in bagging it. But first, let me tell you why I am hooked to it. The Sigma Lip Bases are basically a chubbier version of your traditional lip pencils and what makes them to stand out is their soft buttery feel on the lips. Even though they have a matte finish they are still very moisturizing and have a good lasting power.

The star shade from the collection and a possible Kylie Jenner lip shade dupe is called Indulgent . It is a gorgeous roasted pink color and I find it very flattering against my complexion. I feel it would look great on almost everybody and this is reason enough for the teenage Jenner to make it big all around the globe for a while now. The shade is ideal for an au naturel look and can be worn on its own or paired with a gloss. Furthermore, the versatility of this mere toned down pink, makes it easy to rock in be it day or night, casual or hip. This lip base has been reasonably priced at $12 and is a gem.

You can find my complete review of Sigma Beauty ‘Fall Softly’ collection on my blog HERE . I hope to see you there. Feel free to catch me on Twitter and Instagram

Thank you Natasha for letting me to take over your blog for the day! ♥

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“Kylie Jenner Lip Madness (Dupe Alert!)”

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