Make Your Next Lazy Holiday One To Remember

Nowadays people often go about “making the most of your holidays”, making them seem like more of a chore than anything. When someone takes the time to actually go on holiday, they most probably want to relax and not even think about what comes in the immediate future. They want to sit back and enjoy a mojito at the beach while thinking about what book they might start reading because they have a whole week of sitting around in front of them. While that in itself might be interesting enough for the average person going for their annual escape from the city, it does often end up with a holiday which feels somewhat uninspired. Not that there’s anything wrong with a holiday which just allows your brain to go into atrophy, we all need it sometimes, but if your past few holidays feel like they just blend together without any defining traits which you can look back on, then you should probably do something about that. If you’re not the best holiday planner, don’t worry because nobody is, and as a helping hand, here are just a few things which you could do on your next holidays to make them stand out from the crowd.

Being a tourist without the foot pain

Being a classic textbook tourist definitely has its perks, but the blisters and calluses you get from walking hundreds of miles a day are not one of them. Fortunately, there are ways to get in touch with your inner tourist and catch some classic photo opportunities without doing as much as moving an inch. If you’re not too familiar with river cruises, then Love it Book it river cruises are a good place to start. A cruise not only allows you to get your long-overdue dose of life on the relaxing and rocking waters of any river you decide to grace with your presence, but it also allows you to snap photos and enjoy the scenery going by without having to walk miles and miles for yourself. Not to mention, you can brag about being refined and high-class on your Instagram or Twitter later on.

Hit the mall

You may not be 16 anymore, but going around shopping without a care in the world is surely one of the most relieving things one can do with their money. The very idea that you’re somewhere with the intent of possibly buying something is often enough to make your mood for the day in itself, let alone actually buying something. Taking a friend or family member with you is not required, but highly recommended, because moments are best when shared with someone you care about.

Get pampered

No this does not mean “go get your nails done”, it means that you should fully embrace the holiday spirit and spend money on something which you usually would not. Whether this happens to be a Thai masseur who can message you in your beach chair, or attend a full-on spa experience to truly let both your mind and body relax, is completely up to you. Just remember to make it special.

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