Mindful Changes To Bring Into Your Life

It’s a very fast paced world and we spend most of our time on the phone, either using social media or chatting with our friends or family.

After becoming really sick and tired of doing nothing but having the phone in my hand, consequently developed permanent pain in my wrists and elbows. I decided this habit has to change.

Strangely I wanted to go back to pre-smartphone days when we had real books, real alarm clocks, real bedside lamps etc that were so much more healthy.

Here are some changes that I have brought to my lifestyle. This was actually my 2018s new resolution but better late than never.


I am still trying my best to do this and am succeeding to a high extent. Leave your phone outside your bedroom when you’re off to bed. Keep the charger in another room so you don’t use it before sleeping or after waking up.

Alarm Clock:

Go back to having a little alarm clock by your bedside. This way you won’t need your phone to wake you up in the morning. I use an old phone on which I’ve disabled WiFi. But I’m on the lookout for a cute little alarm clock.


This might be an obvious part of your room but for me, as someone who moves houses a lot, it wasn’t very obvious. I made a trip to IKEA and got a lamp that I’ve hooked to my bed head. It doesn’t take any space in my room and does the trick. But why should you have a lamp if you don’t already? Here’s why.


In the last 10 years, I’ve probably just read 1 or 2 full fledge books. I don’t buy books because of lack of space and constant moving. My 5 years old son has recently started reading books and is in love with reading. We make regular daily trips to the local library which is luckily 2 minutes walk from our place.

I recently saw an image on Facebook where a mother and child were reading their own respective books on the train. Underneath the image, it said ‘How do you get your child to read books?’ The mother replies ‘ Because children learn from what they see.’

Hence, if you want your children to read then you must read yourself and not have your nose in your phone all the time.

I had lost patience for reading books but recently I’ve finished ‘Mrs Funnybones’ by Twinkle Khanna. Now I’m reading ‘Call The Midwife’ by Jennifer Worth. A BBC TV series has also been made on her book.

This is where the lamp comes handy. I have started reading books before going to sleep, which is a huge accomplishment.


I regularly buy flowers for my room now, they make my room look pretty. I’ve placed them such that when I wake up they’re the first thing I see. It’s a very pretty sight that relaxes your mind. You can find a flower subscription service in your area if you don’t have time to go to a flower shop to buy flowers.

Pakistani readers, please click HERE.


I love the smell of lavender. I usually use a lavender spray on my pillow. It helps me calm down and relax. It’s a great thing to help you sleep. You can find many lavender products out there but make sure they are natural. You can also tie some real lavender flowers in a piece of cloth and smell them before going to sleep. Lavender oil is also a great thing, just put a drop or two on your pillow and you’re good to go.


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