Photogenic Girls: Whats Their Secret?

photogenic girls


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photogenic girls

We have all been there. You are scrolling through your Instagram feed and a picture of a random, beautiful girl with the perfect makeup just pops up from nowhere. Who does she think she is to just pop up like that and ruin your day?

You then go to your own account and start looking at your pictures and realise that you will never look like that. Then you become sad and angry.

Well, calm down just for a minute. Check this out, some girls, that look like her, are angels sent from heaven who decided to share their selfie secrets with us.

It turns out that the beauty of your selfies doesn’t have much to do with your own beauty, you just need to become photogenic.

Here is a little cheat-sheet to teach us how to do just that. photogenic girls



Believe it or not, lighting is everything. The first major rule is that lighting is never supposed to shine directly to your face (unless it’s a ring light or a makeup mirror light which is made for this). Make sure that your face has no shadows on it, and you can achieve it by finding the right angle. You wouldn’t believe how great your skin, eyes and hair can look when you find the perfect lighting. photogenic girls



First, take a good look at your favourite photo of yourself and try to remember that pattern. Use that pose until you think of another one which is equally good.

Avoid double chin by pushing your face forward and stick out your forehead while your chin is slightly down.

Avoid red eyes while someone else is taking your photo (with a flash) by looking towards the light – your pupils will get smaller so there will be no red eyes.

If you really want to give some depth to your facial features turn your head slightly to the side instead of directly facing the camera.  

If you are taller than the person taking your photo, sit down. Photos from above are always better than the ones from below.

Never, ever stand directly under the light. Your face is going to become a playground for weird shadows.
If you want your eyes to look sparkly – look at the light source.



Let’s start with the base first – the foundation. Make sure that your foundation matches your neck and chest. If your neck is paler, put a thin layer of foundation on it as well. Even the smallest difference can be really visible on the photos.

If you want your face to look three-dimensional on pictures, make sure that you have done your contouring and added blush. Put a nice medium pink blush on the apples of your cheeks – it will really give your face a nice shape. Use highlighter on the highest part of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose and the top of your mouth for a dramatic and fresh effect.

Curl your lashes and don’t be afraid to use mascara. It will really make your eyes pop. When the impact of your eyes is maximized, you will draw people into your photo, and when your eyes are more open, more light hits them and they start to twinkle, which is beautiful.



Besides the fact that, with the right way of using makeup and a choosing good pose we can look like celebrities in our pictures, the right choice of accessories also plays a major role here. You see, a lot of accessories can really highlight our facial features, like sunglasses and jewellery, especially statement earrings like the one spotted on 7 Charming Sisters.

They can really make us look like celebrities, but we need to choose the right one.

Last minute eye,mouth and nose tricks 


If you don’t want to have that wide grin on pictures, press your tongue against the inside part of your teeth.

Smile with your eyes – this may sound ridiculous, but when you master this skill, your photos will be perfect. Simply, try to smile without using your eyes and you will get a classic fake smile. Next, try to smile by only using your eyes (try to recreate their shape when you are smiling – squint them a little bit). Once you are done, you can either leave it like that or mix it with a mouth smile – it is up to you.

How To Look Photogenic With A Big Nose 

If you are worried that you have a big nose, then contouring and highlighting really help. Contouring kits are very user friendly. Apply the dark shade on the sides of your nose and light shade on the bridge of your nose. Play around with the camera to see which area you need to suppress and which you need to showoff.
For example, I have a round nose tip so I like to apply a dark shade just to suppress it.
Also, here lighting and angles play the biggest role of them all. If you don’t have early morning or a late afternoon lighting, or at least a professional lighting, remember this: avoid shadows at all costs. Either be entirely in the dark, or use a direct light from the front which is blasted directly in your face.
When it comes to angles, first of all, stay as relaxed as possible, and second keep your angles minimal. Tilt your head a little bit to the side and place the camera in your eye level.

Don’t look straight to the camera, create a little mystery by looking away from it and your photo will look like you jumped straight out of a fashion magazine.

So there you have it, use these tips and your photos will be perfect, for sure.

About the Author

Sophia Smith is Australian based beauty and fashion blogger and graphic designer. She is very passionate about latest fashion trends, DIY projects and photography. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is style editor at High Style Life and regular contributor at many other blogs.

You can find out more about her writing following her on: Facebook  Twitter  Google +

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