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Shoes By Shaherazad Review

Shoes By Shaherazad Review : They say the first thing people notice about your appearance is your shoes. They can make or break a look.

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This phenomenon has truly been understood and acknowledged by Shoes by Shaherazad, a UK based shoe brand founded by the most talented Shaherazad Umbreen. She says,

“My brand is all about empowered women of today empowering the women of the future. Let us stand together with the grace and elegance of flamingos.”  

She took inspiration from the intriguing body balancing act of flamingos that allows the flamingos to stand with grace for hours.  All her heels are handmade and designed to support the body mass and weight providing utmost comfort. Shoes By Shaherazad Review

Apart from providing women with comfort footwear, she also runs a charity program called “Solidarity by Shaherazad” which aims to work for the betterment of less fortunate women across the globe. With every purchase of shoes by Shaherazad, aid is provided to empower women living in poverty in every part of the world, regardless of their race or faith, so all women can stand together with grace and harmony like a proud flamingo. Shoes By Shaherazad Review

Their 18 hour heels ensure 18 hours of comfort in heels while you lead the world with your dreams. The best part about shoes by Shaherazad is their shoellery that lets you customize your shoes according to the occasion from day to night.

Their patent leather shoes are available in 3 colors;

  • English black
  • English blush 
  • Mulberry Red

with different shoe jewelry to glam up the shoes whenever required. From the office to the dance floor, Shoes by Shaherazad is your one solution. Shoes By Shaherazad Review


With shoes by Shaherazad you can transform the look of your shoes with the addition of one or two embellishments by the brand called ShoelleryShoes By Shaherazad Review

Classy Office Party:

You get an invitation from your colleague throwing a promotion party which is right after the office hours, you are all dressed up in a classy attire and your Don’t Wait Up black, leather Shoes by Shaherazad. This is where the glam shoellery comes to rescue. Put on your Time To Bloom shoellery, finish off the look with a striking red lipstick to match the red accents on your shoes and you are good to go.

BFF’s Bridal Shower:

We know you spent hours to choosing a chic, blush toned dress for your bff’s bridal shower and you want to do justice to your dress by matching it up with shoes that are as classy as the dress. The Moon is Mine is the perfect option to pair with your chic dress. It is made of blush toned leather with silver sparkles that make you shine bright like a diamond.

Clubbing With The Girls:

Slip into your favorite red dress and pair it up with Don’t Wait Up Mulberry, leather shoes embellished with Equally Every After Mulberry shoellery to steal the show. You’ll be turning heads as you enter the club, we bet.

On your Special Day:

Last but not the least, Walk down the aisle in the ever so gorgeous Equally Ever After Blush leather shoes. The 18 hour heels will assure a comfortable time while taking vows with your beloved. The best part about these shoes is that you’ll be able to wear them again with a little bit of tweaking with the shoellery added to amp up the look.

Whether it is a flowy gown, a cocktail dress or a kick ass leather skirt, Shoes by Shaherazad has you covered. Get creative with Shoes by Shaherazad using her beautiful shoellery and stand gracefully like flamingos.

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Shoes By Shaherazad Review Shoes By Shaherazad Review Shoes By Shaherazad Review Shoes By Shaherazad Review Shoes By Shaherazad Review

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