Take a Hike: 4 Unforgettable World Treks

One of the best ways to truly enjoy a destination is on your own two feet. Rather than whizzing by in a car or bus, you get to experience the sounds, smells and sights at your own pace. So, why not set yourself a challenge by taking on one of the world’s great hikes? Of course, thee treks aren’t for the faint-hearted, but you will also be dazzled by the landscapes and inspired by the people you meet along the way. And the feeling of personal reward that you will get at the end is unparalleled.

Peru’s Inca Trail

The Inca Trail in Peru has been steadily growing in popularity over the years, and while you will be walking on a well-trodden path, there is still a special feeling in knowing that you are striding in the footsteps of the Incas. As you trek along the Andes, you pass by ancient Tambo ruins, before eventually walking through the Sun Gate to see the lost city of Machu Picchu for the first time. The full Machu Picchu hike takes around four days to complete, and you should make sure that your physical fitness is up to the challenging trek ahead of you.

Camino de Santiago, Spain

The Camino de Santiago has been undertaken by pilgrims since the Middle Ages, but it has enjoyed a huge revival in popularity over the past few years. People take on various parts of the hike, which starts in southern France and continues across to the east coast of Spain, before passing through the stunning city and cathedral at Santiago de Compostela. There are plenty of signposts which keep you on the right path, and you are bound to meet fellow pilgrims along the way who are also completing this physical and spiritual feat.

Tour du Mont Blanc

Take on the Tour du Mont Blanc and you will be completing a trek which runs for more than 100 miles across three European countries. As you journey through Switzerland, Italy, and France, you will be met with stunning glacial views, plunging valleys, and mighty Mont Blanc itself. Along the way, there is plenty of simple accommodation where you can rest your head for the night before continuing onwards.

Laugavegur Trek, Iceland   

A country which is packed with natural wonders, Iceland is a land which is made for hiking. Head out on the 35-mile Laugavegur Trek along the southern coast of the country and along the way, you will pass natural hot springs and sprawling lava fields. Expect unpredictable weather and challenging hiking conditions in parts. You can spend your nights in remote mountain huts to complete this atmospheric experience.

Taking on an immense hiking challenge is something which everyone should do at least once in their lives, and any one of these treks could end up being a transformative experience for you. Always make sure that you are physically prepared for any hike before you take it on so that you can fully enjoy it and get the unforgettable experience of reaching the finish line.

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