Top 4 Interior Trends You Need In Your Home

Is your home starting to feel outdated or dull? If that’s the case, then maybe it’s time to consider redecorating.  This could involve simple changes or may even become a renovation project, especially if you’re looking to rent out your property to tenants who are seeking a modern and appealing home.

When decorating, you must consider what your tenants are looking for, and the best way to do this is by following current Interior trends. Although, they are forever changing there are a few that are here to stay, and by implementing these trends into your home, you can guarantee tenant interest and great returns.

Contemporary twist

If you have a more traditional-looking home, then you may want to keep some of the older aspects but update it using contemporary decor. This will enable you to keep up to date with the ‘modern maker trend’, which embraces the use of natural materials like wood – using it for everything from tables to bookshelves. This trend is reflected in several upscale properties, such as luxury student accommodation from RW Invest, which attracts tenants with its minimalist and stylish decor.   

To follow this trend, you should add a metal framework to any old wooden tables to give natural-looking furniture a well-needed update. You should also add hues of grey and charcoal accents in the form of cushions or decorations. Add neutral colours to walls to create a blank canvas and offer an earthy vibe, which is an ideal look for young tenants.   

Gallery style

When it comes to decorating, one of the most important things to consider is wall art. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an art expert, you can still choose pieces that fit perfectly with your decor to create an aesthetically-pleasing feature wall.

In fact, the most important element of wall art is not the image itself but the way it is framed, therefore you need to take some time to figure out what works and how different pictures work with each other. You should choose different-sized pictures with similar themes and colours which will automatically accent your room, offering an element of luxury.

Pop of blue

In 2019, blue decor has been on the rise, including everything from blue walls to blue rugs and more. This is an ideal colour to enhance any room which may be looking a bit drab, as it fits perfectly with several colours, including black, white, and neutrals. You could ease yourself into this trend with blue ornaments or even paint a feature wall in a lovely eggshell blue colour.

Using this type of accent colour is guaranteed to grab the attention of potential tenants, especially those who are looking for an on-trend pre-furnished property. This colour is interchangeable and can also be enhanced using floral patterns on ceilings, flooring or even lampshades, which offer a cool aesthetic to any home.

Go green

One of the most prominent trends at the moment is going green or rather becoming more eco-conscious, which should really go beyond the trend and become a lifestyle. To embrace the eco-friendly trend, you need to consider using recyclable materials to decorate your home. You should also take into consideration whether these materials are harmful to the environment and animals.

During any renovation, you should consider lowering your carbon footprint by installing eco-friendly fixtures such as smart lighting, shower meters and more, which can help you do your bit to help the planet while also saving on energy bills.

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