Viceroys House London Premier

I had the opportunity to watch the first ever screening of it in the world, that was at Charlotte’s Hotel,  London.

Viceroys House is a story about what went on in Viceroy Mountbatten’s House before, during and after the partition of India and Pakistan.

Viceroys House has been phenomenally made. It has excellent cinematography. I especially loved the romantic story of Jeet and Aaliya.

I will admit that I cried numerous times during the film as being a Pakistani, the Indo-Pak partition is a very emotional thing for me.

Gurinder Chadda (Bend It Like Beckham) has done justice to the film through her extensive research of 8 years and her experience in film making. All the actors Om Puri (late), Huma Qureshi, Manish Dayal, Hugh Bonneville and Gillian Anderson have done a great job at playing their respective roles.

It grips you by your emotions quite strongly. Keep a box of tissues at the ready.

The London premier was held at Curzon Mayfair. I had the chance to speak to Manish Dayal (Jeet) and Tanveer Ghani (Nehru).

Manish Dayal

What does this film mean to you?

We’re telling a story about the most catastrophic event in the indian history, to me it means that its a huge honour to be a part of it, to tell a story to be a part of a movie that aims to educate so many people around the world that otherwise are very unclear on partition and what it really did.

What is that one part of the movie that really touched you?

There’s a scene in the movie where Jeet and Aaliya ultimately have to split. These both characters make the decision to split and thats the lowest point for my character. Even before he finds out that his family is missing and that Aliya’s train has crashed and she has passed away but this idea of relinquishing your hopes I think that was a very impactful moment for me and my character.

Is there any message you would like to give to upcoming actors?

I would say learn constantly, read as many books as you can, ask a lot of questions and take as many classes as you can.

Tanveer Ghani gave some advice to young actors: ” Learn another profession that you can make a living at. If you want to be an actor, don’t let anybody put you off. Ive been acting for 36 years and acting needs to be the thing you want most in the world. Don’t expect to make any money from it. Its not about that. Its about something else. Completely. Once you get there, then its ok. And never give up!”

Also present at the premier was our very own Pakistani beauty Armeena Khan.

What are you expectations from this film?

I think its a very important film from our point of view i.e. South Asians because everything has been from the point of Hollywood so I think this might balance it a little bit. I’m really excited to watch it.

What are your upcoming movies?

I have a film coming up this summer. Its called Yalghaar and we’re going to bring it to the UK also.

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