The Crazy World Of The Caribbean And Everything Within



When you think of paradise, you’re probably taking yourself to white, sandy beaches, azure oceans lapping away at the perfectly formed shore and a sun that never seems to set. Clouds are only in the sky for artistic purposes and the flora around you is lush and green. When you think of paradise, you’re actually thinking of the reality of most Caribbean islands. But if you haven’t been there before and witnessed it for yourself, it’s something that you really need to get on top of. So why should we be aiming to get over to this Pacific paradise?


Biodiversity Hotspot

There are so many varieties of flora and fauna that are endemic to the islands that you’re quite spoiled for choice. Birds from parrots to cuckoos zoom through the skies, while the sea is host to thousands of species of fish, and tens of whales, turtles and dolphins. It’s especially good for photographers who are wanting to get a snap of these amazing creatures; there are usually dedicated tours to find them, with a lot being run as part of conservation funding, so you at least know that you’re giving something back to keep them going.


So Many Places To Go

There are more than 7,000 islands in the Caribbean, so there’s no chance that you’re going to be able to visit them all on your trip over there. However, not all of these are nations – there are only 28 of them. If you don’t know where to start, read  25 Best Islands to Visit in The Caribbean or do some research beforehand; they are all so different in what they’ve got to offer. The most commonly visited islands are Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Barbados, so they might be a good start for you; the least that you can do with this information is read reviews on either TripAdvisor or other community forums that will be able to recommend to you the best places to stay, visit and eat whilst you’re there, as well as the best times to go.


Sun, Sun, Sun

There is a hurricane season in the Caribbean, which usually lasts from June to November. This sees heavy downpours which can happen in an instant, and last from minutes to hours. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the temperature drops tremendously at any point, nor does it mean that you won’t be seeing sun at any point during the day – quite the opposite, actually. Generally speaking, temperatures are at a constant of around 75-85F, meaning that you won’t be in for any nasty surprises weather-wise – apart from the rain.


Food To Die For

The cooks of the Caribbean are extremely proud of the food that they have got to offer. Jerk Chicken, Curried Goat and Plantain are just a few of the meals that are synonymous with the region, but there is a lot more on offer besides. Being in the middle of the sea, each island can offer a vast selection of fresh seafood for the more food-savvy among us.

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