Urban Garden Show at Royal Horticulture Society, London

Plants are beautiful. they make your surroundings look pretty and give a sense of calmness and serenity.

I was invited to the urban garden show by Royal Horticulture Society.

First we were given an introduction to Seedlip. Seedlip is brand of non-alcoholic botanical drinks founded Ben Branson. It was a delight to meet Ben. He is quite inspirational. Belonging to a family of farmers, Ben used the centuries old method of distillation to create a drink for people who don’t want to drink alcohol.


Then we were given succulent frame workshop, a demonstration of how to plant blue leaf plants by Fiona Wemyss, the founder. It was certainly very liberating. Succulents are adaptable plants that can be used in lots of different decorative and fun ways. In this workshop we learnt how to make a mini ‘living frame’ using sempervivums and got to take one home with us. We were supplied with a wooden frame, compost, a selection of plants and moss to dress our frame and received step-by-step guidance from a succulent expert.


From floral fireplaces to humble houseplants, we explored 300 years of urban gardening history with a behind the scenes guided tour of the RHS Lindley Library exhibition ‘The City Gardener’ and additional rare books and artworks from the library collections

We were given a detailed overview of indoor plants. I learnt that indoor plants are actually good for health. The carbon dioxide they emit at night is not harmful for human health. Indoor plants actually rid your house of many impurities. although you may not notice it but plants lift your mood. Greenery is great for your eyes.

It brought back a lot of memories from school college and university.I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes I studied biology for 10 years of my academic life. Although I could not pursue it as a career I truly love and miss it.

We were given goody bags with a LookFantastic Goody box in it.

urban-garden-show-royal-horticulture-society-look-fantastic-lfblooms urban-garden-show-royal-horticulture-society-lfblooms-look-fantastic-box urban-garden-show-royal-horticulture-society-goody-bagjpg

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