Dinner and Dance: Make Your Grown Up Party Fun

Having a dinner party has to be one of the hallmarks of being an adult. You stop having parties when the aim is to drink as much as possible and start having parties where the aim is to eat and drink as much as you can. A dinner party can be more sophisticated, plus you can keep things a bit more intimate. However, that doesn’t mean that your party has to be boring. You can have an adult dinner party and still have plenty of fun, just with an added hint of grown up sophistication. Try these fun ideas to plan the perfect party.

Set a Pretty Table

For a fun dinner party, start off with a good-looking table. There are so many things you can do beyond simply putting out a few plates and glasses. Get some luxurious table linens from a brand like Richard Haworth to ensure you start off right. You should make sure everything goes together if you want to be properly grown up. Decorate your table with candles and other accessories to make it look good. You might even want to choose a fun theme to use for your party, which could help you choose decorations for your table and even the food.

Choose Sharing Food

One of the best ways to make a dinner party more fun is to ensure it’s interactive. If you choose food for sharing, instead of just making everyone a plate, it can get the conversation started. Passing things around the table helps to make thing less awkward, especially if your guests don’t all know each other that well. There are many foods that are ideal for sharing, from curries and different side dishes to fajitas and fondue. You could also have something interactive like a mini grill on the table, so everyone gets to cook their own food.

Have Some Games or Activities

At an adult dinner party, you’re meant to entertain each other by talking. But that doesn’t mean that, once dinner is over, you can’t find ways to keep the conversation flowing. Playing games can keep the fun going. You could get out a pack of cards or some board games for an interactive way to keep everyone talking. There are plenty of games designed for adults that everyone is sure to love. You could also play some video games, but these are often limited to only a couple of players, so they’re not always great for parties.

Turn Dinner Into Dance

You might start off with dinner, but you can still turn it into dancing later on. Once everyone has finished eating, you can turn up the music and continue the fun. Start off with music during dinner too, so it’s easy to switch to something livelier when you’ve finished eating. During dinner, don’t have the music on too loud because you’ll want to hear each other talking. But when you’re done, you can turn it up, and maybe move some furniture, so you all have space to bust some moves.

You can have an adult dinner party and still make sure there’s plenty of fun to go around. It’s easier to balance sophistication and fun than you might think.

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