3 Underrated States To Visit In The US This Year

America has 50 states that are all packed full of iconic cities worth travelling to. However, most people end up going to the ‘popular’ destinations like Florida, California, and New York. So, if you want to try something different, here are a few underrated states to visit this year:



Georgia is a southern state that often gets a bad name. There’s a lot said about some of the people in this state, which puts many people off travelling here. However, it’s a big state, with plenty of places to see, and many things to enjoy. If you go to the right city, you can enjoy a holiday like no other.


Best city to see? Savannah.


Savannah is easily the best city to visit in this big state, for many different reasons. Firstly, it’s full of stunning locations and great places to stay. The Savannah Marriott Riverfront is a popular hotel thanks to its location in the historic district of the city. One of the great things about Savannah is the architecture – it’s a mixture of quirky and brilliant! This is a city full of natural beauty, and the cuisine is phenomenal too.



Minnesota often gets neglected by tourists as it’s known for having the quite bad weather for large portions of the year. However, when summer comes around, it’s actually incredibly pleasant. There are some iconic places here – like Lake Minnetonka and the Mississippi River. The more you read up on it, the more appealing it sounds.

Best city to see? Minneapolis


Did you know that Minneapolis is one of the fastest growing cities in the US? It’s true, and there are plenty of awesome new things to see there. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, then try and get close to the new Downtown East neighbourhood as it’s super flashy and full of modern comforts.


If you’re like me, then you’ve probably never even heard of Delaware! But, I can assure you of two things; it’s definitely a state, and it’s well worth travelling to. One of the highlights of this state is its unique offer of tax-free shopping. That means you can pick some amazing holiday bargains to take back home. From designer clothes to classic holiday mementoes; you can get it all for a hefty discount.


Best city to see? New Castle


Unlike Newcastle in the UK, the city of New Castle, Delaware has a charming beauty to it. The population here is tiny, and it’s not a city that’s full of crazy tourist attractions. I’ve picked it because it’s full of old cobblestone streets and classic American architecture. If you’re up for a true cultural experience of old-time America, then this is the place to be.


Why not break the mould this year and travel somewhere different for a change? While many of your friends are planning holidays to California or Florida, go one better and visit one of these underrated states. They might not see the same number of tourists every year, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less amazing than some of the big boys.  


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