BaByliss Diamond Heated Straightening Brush Review

BaByliss Diamond Heated Straightening Brush Review

BaByliss Diamond Heated Straightening Brush is an amazing styling tool. Its currently my favourite styling brush and I am hooked on it. BaByliss Diamond Heated Straightening Brush Review

Compared to other brushes this one does not flatten the hair or makes it all static. It leaves your hair smooth, even the ends are not hanging. Your hair gets body and volume with a soft and shiny finish. BaByliss Diamond Heated Soothing Brush Review

BaByliss Diamond Heated Straightening Brush Review

The Design

The BaByliss Diamond is a heated soothing brush with a paddle design. The great thing is that it does not only straighten a small amount of hair at a time. The brush straightens a lot of hair and similar to using a paddle brush. What it does emits heat and helps to make the hair silky and sleek.

Another great thing about the Diamond Heated Smoothing Brush compared to other hairstyle tools, this one protects your hair. You do not have heated plates pressed directly onto your hair as the heat comes from the bristles. The bristles of the brush have a special ceramic coating with straightening fins.

This, in turn, smoothes out the hair while using ionic technology and converts positive ions in the hair. This locks moisture inside the hair and helps remove the frizz while retaining hydration. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your hair drying out. When used there is no need of touching up your style for days. BaByliss Diamond Heated Straightening Brush Review

For Whom is this Brush?

Now do not go rush out and buy one. First, you need to consider the hair type you have. The important thing to remember is it is great for curly hair, but not great to use on thick, coarse hair.

If you have a fine to medium thickness, hair this Diamond Heated Smoothing Brush is perfect.

Oh, yes, before I forget, you cannot use it on wet hair and always remember to use some heat protecting spray on the hair. Another thing I also noted it is easier to ask someone to help you for the best results. This is a time saver. BaByliss Diamond Heated Straightening Brush Review

You Can Buy BaByliss Diamond Heated Smoothing Brush Right  Here!

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