BareDerma Intimate Kit for Delicate Area

barederma intimate supervagina kit review

Today you will be more than over the moon when you see what we have on display. The truth is that with these goods you can care for your intimacy to look great in and out of bed. We had the privilege of reviewing the latest BareDerma Intimate Kit. Therefore, if you want to find out how this magical, intimate care kit can help you make sure to read on. barederma intimate supervagina kit review

Pamper Your Delicate Area with Love

The Supervagina Kit is a lifesaver when it is time for shaving your sensitive area. Especially if you suffer from a shaving rash or ingrown hair. barederma intimate supervagina kit review

The BareDerma is discreetly packaged in a plastic waterproof bag with a zip. In the package, you get the Natural Purifying Cleanser that has a clear and thick liquid available in an easy to use 30ml pump bottle. The important ingredients are aloe vera and organic geranium.

The Bump Free Scrub

has an orange colour comprising poppy seeds with crushed olive stone. The liquid is not abrasive on the skin and applies easily. There is 50ml of the substance in the jar and it has a plastic screw top. The smell is amazing and you need to rub it in for up to five minutes. This helps to promote the blood flow. barederma intimate supervagina kit review

The Perfect Calming Mask

works the same as a facemask the only difference is it is for your tantalizing area. You will need to leave it on for 20-minutes, so best to get yourself into a relaxing position while waiting. The process becomes messy and we recommend you lie on a towel. The fragrance is refreshing and consists of Bentonite and Kaolin clays. barederma intimate supervagina kit review

The Resurfacing Lightening Cream

may leave you feeling a bit wary to use it on your sensitive area. Trust us, it leaves no allergic reaction and smells pleasant. The formula is coconut oil and mulberry extract and you need to apply it in the morning and at night.

Keeps Your Bikini Area Rash Free and Young

The complete set is pH balanced and you can even use it while pregnant. There are no artificial colours or any fragrance and the formula is nutrient-rich and natural. Furthermore, a big plus in our books, it is not tested on animals. Ladies get yourself the BareDerma Supervagina Kit to leave your delicate area nourished, bump-free, and soft.

BareDerma Supervagina Intimate Kit Can Be Purchased Right HERE

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