Infinite by Forever Skincare Set Review

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Infinite by Forever Skincare Set Review

Infinite by Forever Skincare, if you’re like me you may not have heard of Forever Living, the company behind these products,  however, it has been around for nearly 40 years. It is a company based in the US and the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera products worldwide.  Their aloe is sourced with the highest quality standards and strictly environmentally responsible.

The Infinite Skincare set is made up of four products: a hydrating cleanser, firming serum, restoring creme, and firming complex food supplement. Infinite by Forever Skincare Set Review

These four Infinite products aim to target the skin’s ageing with synergistic formulas that all work together to form the most complete daily routine possible.  They deliver cutting-edge skin care with the key ingredient of aloe vera, added collagen, ceramics and other botanicals that hydrate the skin, minimising wrinkles and fine lines.

My first impression was guided by the thoughtful and luxurious packaging.  Each item is designed to be as hygienic and efficient as possible with clever pumps and lids that will keep external elements from polluting the product.

I cut out all other skincare products and used this set exclusively for a month to fully test its efficacy.  In order to let my skin breathe I also skipped foundation and used only minimal makeup i.e. concealer, blush and eyeshadow only

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The Hydrating Cleanser 

Its designed to suit even the most delicate skin; it is the perfect first step to feeling hydrated, soft and clean with a milky and mild feel.  It is full of natural yet potent ingredients that suspend the dirt and oil so that it can be washed away with ease.

Key ingredients like Sunflower oil break down that grime with its linoleum acid and Vitamin E whilst apple both in an extract from and it’s amino acids help to keep the skin hydrated and finally coconut and amino acid glycine helps to separate that grime from the skin and it’s moisture so you can wipe it away.

I’m usually a micellar water girl so I had my doubts at first, but this has quickly become a favourite of mine as it is quietly and calmly effective, requires no cotton pads (very eco-friendly); plus it adds that extra moisture that my skin desperately needs right now.  I personally keep the tube within arms reach of the shower so that I can use it in my evening shower routine as well as grab it in the morning for a quick wash up before the rest of the skincare steps. Infinite by Forever Skincare Set Review

The tube doesn’t have a removable lid, but rather a locking screw lid with a small opening so that you can squeeze a bit out, cut off the flow and wipe up any excess.  It is a real plus for someone who normally loses the lids on tubed products, and for such a huge tube that would be a shame to waste it.

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The Firming Serum 

helps the skin appear firmer and minimises lines and wrinkles with its three-amino acid peptide that mimics what the skin naturally does already; it improves elasticity and combats harmful proteins that are increasingly present as you age. This helps the aloe achieve it’s best results of soothing the skin.  A Yeast extract also helps to support the body’s production of collagen.

The formula is as light as water doesn’t feel overly potent, and soaks up easily into the skin.

Infinite Forever Skincare Review 3

The Firming Complex 

It helps target skincare from the inside out.  I love that Forever goes beyond skin-deep beauty and starts with a base of good nutrition.  It is a blend that is proprietary to the company of French melon concentrate, phytoceramides, marine collagen and vitamin C.

Taking collagen orally is a proven method to increase the bounciness of the skin and reduce wrinkles and the phytoceramides help form a moisture-barrier to keep all the goodness in,  whilst vitamin C helps the skin to produce it’s own collagen naturally.  It’s a win-win.

Infinite Forever Skincare Review 4

The Restoring Creme 

It combines aloe, acai and pomegranate to smooth and hydrate as well as Vitamin B3 and beetroot to even out tone and texture.  On top of all of this, there is a magical blend of essential oils that combine to support what the aloe is doing for the skin and help rejuvenate it as well.

The packaging design on this tub is my absolute favourite of the infinite set!  It comes in an airless pump.  You press down on top and the creme comes out of a small hole; so you’re not dipping your fingers in and disturbing the integrity of the product and you get every last drop.  I also love that it has a clear lid on top to keep dust from settling on the surface as well.

Infinite Forever Skincare Review 5

All of these produ

cts in the Infinite set (aside from the firming complex to be taken in the morning) are to be used twice a day as a part of your routine.  I experienced a little bit of breakout during the first week but it easily settled down as I continued using the set.  I did have a couple days break whilst on holiday and my skin definitely protested and reverted back to an unhealthy state, so I’d definitely vote for travel-sized versions of the set as I’d love to take this stuff with me.  I  was super happy with how my skin felt with consistent use.

Infinite By Forever Skincare Set Can Be Purchased Right HERE

All products are PR samples.



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