Best Thai Massage in London: Thai Kosai

Best Thai Massage in London

Thai Kosia Massage Therapy Address: 5 Toynbee Street, London E1 7NE

In central London, there is a haven known as Thai-Kosai, a fully insured and licensed Thai therapeutic massage salon. You may feel a bit stressed from work or home affairs; so why not visit this exquisite place. Best Thai Massage in London

Best Thai Massage in London

What does Thai-Kosai Do? Best Thai Massage in London

Thai-Kosai is specialised to do only one thing. Forget about beauty treatments, facials, or pedicures, Thai-Kosai is all about relaxing massages in London. Why not book yourself a relaxing massage as they specialise in different therapeutic techniques:

  • Enjoy a Thai Aromatherapy Massage with heavenly oils focussing on relaxing from your head to your toes. Thai-Kosai uses only the best aromatic oils. All their aromatherapists are trained to relieve your fatigue and stress to give your mood the uplift it needs.
  • On the other hand, you can treat yourself to a Traditional Thai Massage! Here Thai-Kosai focuses on all the needed pressure points with gentle stretching without using oils.
  • Alternatively, enjoy a Deep Tissue Massage as the therapists apply softer pressure point techniques while targeting the deep layers of your muscles.
  • Furthermore, you can enjoy a back, head, neck and shoulder massage or have a relaxing foot and hand massage.

These are only a few of the massaging techniques provided by Thai-Kosai and you can find a detailed list on their website.

Best Thai Massage in London

An Affordable Dose Of Me Time

You can easily make your booking online as Thai-Kosai has an online booking page. Alternatively, you can also pay them a visit at their premises at 5 Toynbee Street in London E1.

Enjoy an affordable dose of ME time as Thai-Kosai charges from £35 up to £90 for a blissful massage.

So start relieving your stress, pay Thai-Kosai a visit, and have a 30-minute or an hour massage with the best aroma therapists in town.

What is your favourite Thai Massage?

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